REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic – VALORANT

REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic – VALORANT

From darkness, revelation.

Uncover the wonders of a forgotten world in Episode 6: REVELATION. Kicking off Jan 10, 2023.

Created in partnership with Blur Studio:
Storyboards and Concept Designs created in partnership with Lex + Otis

eaJ & Safari Riot – VISIONS
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44 Responses

  1. JetNekko says:

    We get to see Omen’s 1st appearance and Cypher not dying. This cinematic is perfect.

  2. Sarah Keith says:

    Seeing Sage let loose and show her true power really shows us that she is definitely “not just our healer”

  3. Rabah Winnr says:

    2:04 the moment sage healed omen noticed, so sage is really taking life from somewhere, also the omen voice line “Sage, the life you give. Do you ever wonder where it’s taken from?”

  4. Little Ghost says:

    I love how Omen came to Sage’s aid when she was showing signs of struggle and his nod, signifying her that she doesn’t have to do everything alone. That connection they made was really something and I loved it.

  5. Anomaly says:

    Am I the only one who can’t get over how amazing Omen entry to help sage was @ 2:23 that sound and visual effect combo is so good.

  6. Nirvana Flame says:

    I see a lot of people talking about how agressive sage is but i don’t really see anyone talking about what Omen tending to a bonsai could represent. A bonsai is usually associated with states of mind like meditation and contemplation and is an art form onto itself that requires a lot of patience and dedication. I find it really cool how they’ve taken opposite parallels for two characters, one representing death and the other life and how different their personalities are- with omen being patient and calm while sage is wrathful and violent. Beautiful.

    • Void says:

      @Rc Clips he haas a voice line that explains it

    • tumo says:

      I think omen find simple things to do to keep his mind together (he have to focus to not get ripped apart) because of that he do bonsai and knit ( knit is in a battlepass player card)

    • Athenren says:

      i like to think thats how life and death are in actuality; life (Sage) full of savage vitality, the inner instinct in every being to survive and thrive, filled with blood, with swift heartbeats, with both violence and healing. Death (Omen) is the soother, the tranquil one, where life is snuffed out and nothing is left but eternal rest, eternal calm. AAH I JUST LOVE THIS CINEMATIC AND WHAT YOU SAID, it fits their personalities quite well. I think we were all misguided by Sage’s personality because of her name and her healing properties—it fits her so well that the other side of her would be wrathful and vicious because what is life otherwise? Same goes for Omen 🙂

    • Achillereus says:

      flower city gets his memories back somehow

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Fade was absolutely incredible in this cinematic! I feel so proud to be a Fade main :’) and I NEED to know what she found and what Harbor and Astra were searching for!!!

  8. Ivan Kin says:

    Love how Sage is entering a site and the Duelist are taking selfies. Just like my ranked games.

  9. Alex_Kills says:

    Valorant and eaJ. Couldn’t think of a better duo. Love the song!

  10. xQ says:

    i love the storyline. At first you’d think that Sage, Omen, Jet, Raze, KJ and Fade were from our dimension, but turns out it was only Harbour and Astra. The twist was AMAZING

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