Reviewing Movies We Didn’t See

Reviewing Movies We Didn’t See

We haven’t seen it, but we sure have a lot of opinions about it.

Grant and Ally won’t let the fact that they haven’t seen most of the movies nominated for the Oscars stop them from harshly reviewing them.


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Ally Beardsley
Grant O’Brien

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writer – Jessica Ross
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Ryan Kelly

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80 Responses

  1. Mr Anderson says:

    “i think Get Out because im not racist”

  2. New Message says:

    I heard this sketch was great. I haven’t seen it, but I can confidently say it will change the face of comedy forever.

  3. Iron Gauntlet says:

    I love Star Wars The Last Jedi!!!!!!

    • Finn Chapman says:

      I don’t exactly disagree but I just wanna say before I mute notifications that you got balls

    • Iron Gauntlet says:

      Everybody who hated the last 2 movies can just watch 1-6 and ignore the last 2. I personally love all the Star Wars movies

    • AiliceAryam says:

      Iron Gauntlet I loved it too!!! It was so great … I know some may disagree, and I know some parts didn’t fit that well, but whatever, I liked it for the most part!

    • BullShark says:

      Hated it with a passion crappy storytelling, important people coming out of no where who has a high position with no prior mention(vice admiral), forced love angle (rose), Dumb physics(rose saving finn she should not have been able to catch up with him from taking a wide angle and both already going full speed as she was moving away), crappy way to kill off luke, Anti-climactic death of snoke, one decision that caused forty extra minutes of nothing because runtime(vice admiral doesn’t tell Po A CAPTAIN about their plans causing him to have a secret agenda and kill many extra people), disappointing plasma scene, need I go on. How about Leia having no prior force training is all of a sudden a force god who disobeys one of the main laws of the force like plagues did use the force to cheat death. Yoda let himself die as it was his time, anakin could have used the force to help him live without the suit but he didn’t and what about the only one who did was a sith lord. Jedis would only use it during battle with another force user or droid. Just so many issues.

    • MRR D says:

      Loved it too!!!

  4. Still Hammered says:

    When I don’t see a movie I go to YouTube to see what I think about it. Doesn’t everyone?

  5. Aditya J says:

    *I.. i feel attacked on a personal level*

  6. I Have No Friends says:

    Keith is so funny these days! He is honestly the reason I love buzzfeed so much

  7. i can translate Korean to English says:

    Literally me.
    Around my friends, they watch too many movies and I just sit and watch dramas lol

    • butterflyflowers says:

      Sameee I’m too busy trying to keep up with kdramas as it is lol

    • yana romanova says:

      i can translate Korean to English dramas sucks balls

    • Mattlirious The Slayer says:

      i can translate Korean to English lol

    • Nal says:

      What is Korean in English?

    • Sana's Atomic Wig says:

      i can translate Korean to English That would be like me if I ever saw all of the episodes of a drama (except Descendants of the Sun), but I always drop them before the end lol. Most of the times I get spoiled with people saying “The ending was shit” or “The protagonist did some dumb things” or “The protagonist doesn’t end with the nice guy” so I stop watching lolol

  8. Mackenzie Lacroix says:

    Is that Keith from Buzz feed?

  9. James Tarrou says:

    “he sounds straight” lol!

  10. trodat07 says:

    A friend of mine watched it and he told me this video is very spot on, like, in a very relatable way though not that funny.

  11. Infinite Curiosity says:

    Damn man just found out this channel, this is one of the best channels on youtube. Just mad at YouTube for showing me stupid cringey channels like Pauls and not these kinda channels. I am gonna check out the rest of your work. So far I am loving it. I too make creepy videos if anyone is interested, ciao 😉

  12. maith an Buachaill says:

    The shape of water is such a weird fucking concept.

    From what I’ve heard

  13. UnPhayzable says:

    I can’t wait for Katie’s shining reviews on Narcos and Breaking Bad

  14. UnPhayzable says:

    Don’t judge a book by its cover, but always judge a movie by its Grant review… Or was it Keith?

  15. Live, Love, Laugh says:

    “Well, he sounds straight.”

  16. Froot Loop says:

    I watched shape of water with my parents. Don’t make my mistake.

  17. Possum Boy says:

    Here’s my official review for Call Me By Your Name (which is didn’t see)
    Disgusting! It’s a high school kid with a grown ass man. That’s pedophilia, folks.
    Also side note, they’re not gay! Both characters are bisexual, as stated by the director
    Anyways 0/10 for harmful stereotypes and pedophilia.

    • SweetSodaChick says:

      The age of consent should be 16-17 anyway.
      We literally had a popular series on TV about pregnant 16-year-olds and yet we still act like they can’t consent to sex. Makes us look stupid tbqh fam.

    • shadowstarthe1st says:

      courcour I’m fairly sure that 17 isn’t the age of consent in 41 states, maybe 20 states.

    • shadowstarthe1st says:

      SweetSodaChick They can’t consent under the law, as they aren’t developed fully

    • the bi who lived says:

      its telling that most fans of cmbyn defend the age gap with “well the legal age of consent in italy is 14!!1!1!!1!1!11!!!!” like putting that much value and faith in a law (which is dumb imo, as far as i know italy is the only place that has the age so low) is kind of scary. is that all that’s stopping them? the law? what if the younger boy’s character actually was fourteen and armie hammer’s was still twenty-four, would these people still be okay with that? it’s disgusting. i’m almost seventeen and if a twenty-three year old approached me in a romantic or sexual sense i’d think he was a fucking creep. that is a grown ass adult.

    • MRR D says:

      It’s not pedophilia. It is underage, though.

  18. Mr. Someone says:

    I saw only the thumbnail and even read the title of this sketch and I know it was a great sketch, worth watching

  19. Husky Studios says:

    I haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m sure it’s full of comedic rasiscm and feminists.

  20. shiv 421 kobra says:

    Was waiting for them to say Black Panther

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