Reviewing Ridiculous Christmas Lights w/ Megan Fox

Reviewing Ridiculous Christmas Lights w/ Megan Fox

We have opinions on these ridiculous Christmas lights that MUST be shared.  GMM #1435

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66 Responses

  1. Faldo Skitzer says:

    What the hell its Megan fox

  2. Apathetic Potato says:

    We need to put Rhett in a room full of cats. Exposure therapy.

  3. EJ Banfield says:

    Megan’s going all psychologist on Rhett’s cat hatred 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. MrBanankartong says:

    Barbara gives it to me every day!

  5. HereforRandL says:

    Megan’s subtle expressions are the best!

  6. Courtney Campbell says:

    2:07 making eye contact with rhett is very unsettling xD

  7. vspence2 says:

    Seeing Rhett uncomfortable makes me uncomfortable.

    • Sarah Smith says:

      Same. I haven’t even watched the More episode, and after reading the comments, I don’t think I can

    • sarah strapkovic says:

      Sarah Smith it wasn’t bad. I think as a mom of three she’s probably just tired. Don’t they film super early? Maybe a bit awkward but honestly I feel like she did ok. They can’t all hit it out of the park on guest

  8. Jojosaysrawr says:

    I love when Rhett does the southern mom voice. Cracks me up

  9. Witty And Funny Name says:

    Haha loved how Megan put Rhett on the spot about cats😆

  10. Yong LX says:

    cat therapy with megan fox could be an entire episode YASSS

  11. shashwat johri says:

    megan is me with my relatives

  12. Dakota Hall says:

    felt like I couldn’t take a full breath until the episode was over. Shout out to Rhett and Link for powering though that. Sheesh.

  13. Angelica McIntosh says:

    I thought she was fine in the main episode and here! Entertaining.

  14. Isobel Salvatore says:

    Leave Megan alone, maybe she’s just shy. Also, cats are very loving creatures, you just need to win their trust.

    • Sarah Bacak says:

      She is incredibly understated. For someone so beautiful, one would assume she’d be more confident and expressive, but she’s just a human being that is super chill and thoughtful. She isn’t a nervous talker and she likes other people leading the conversation, which makes her input concise and deliberate. I think she is awesome! I loved her in New Girl. She’s very sarcastic. I love her sense of humor so much!

    • Isobel Salvatore says:

      APeiceofPi I really don’t get this cats vs dogs BS. Some people are so passionate about how much better dogs are and it’s weird. I don’t care, I like cats more.

    • TheRealPrimeval says:

      I highly doubt an actress like her is shy but maybe that socially awkwward thing stands

    • Alex Parker says:

      +TheRealPrimeval that just shows your lack of understanding tbh

  15. Mia Irnell says:

    Am I the only one who wasn’t uncomfortable? Like at all?
    I thought Megan was great – kinda shy, kinda introverted, but an interesting person

    • MrBevoRules says:

      Yeah, people are being kind of hard on her. She seemed uncomfortable the first minute or two, then the episode got better. And by GMMore, she was really in the groove.

    • Sarah Bacak says:

      +Sagi Musume She was in New Girl for awhile and her character was just like here. She is quiet and thinks before speaking. Her humor is very dry and sarcastic, which I personally love. She isn’t overly expressive so people think she is being awkward when in reality she acts like you, me or anyone would in a close, comfortable setting. Not everyone is animated all the time.. that’s just YouTubers.

    • becca lou says:


    • Brett Walker says:

      She’s just hiding her thumbs.

    • Caleb Gazaway says:

      She was a very respectable guest. She let them do their show and she was the guest. I don’t like when guest try to take over the show. Makes it weird for everyone imo.

  16. Jessica Ross says:

    I am hoping to see a Christmas episode with our two lovely ladies soon. I am sure they will forget they have their middle children again 😉😁

  17. BAADTOS says:

    Guys, the first house is supposed to say “please” but there is NOEL…. okay I’m leaving now.

  18. Lizzy B says:

    Man, what is up with the Fox hate? She has kind of a subdued, dry sense of humor, and isn’t as overtly silly as R&L. I enjoyed this episode a lot, though. Especially exposing Rhett’s issues with cats. 😂

  19. Katrina Henning says:

    Guys I love Megan! I know her from New Girl and this is her personality and it’s awesome and hilarious. I loved her as a guest 🙂

  20. jasper ashe says:

    “Outside is dangerous ladders are involved” true, but knifes are inside so it is dangerous, link

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