Rewind: When 60 Minutes went aboard the Moskva warship

Rewind: When 60 Minutes went aboard the Moskva warship

The flagship of Russian’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva has sunk. Ukraine claims a missile strike; Russia says it was a fire.

In late 2015, 60 Minutes was invited aboard the warship as it began providing anti-aircraft defense for Syria.

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36 Responses

  1. verdebusterAP says:

    The Russian Cruiser Moskva has successfully completed surface trials and now is conducting underwater operations for its classification as a new type of submarine for special underwater missions

  2. 6.5 creedmoor says:

    What an advanced ship! Half cruiser half submarine! Genius design to be able to operate underwater permanently! Amazing

  3. Opinion Watcher says:

    David Dorger remarked “The Moskva heroically destroyed a Neptune missile with its hull and has been promoted to submarine.”

  4. Dawg says:

    After going on board a Russian Ship “destroyer” in Norfolk many years ago that came to visit. The first thing I saw that made me think that these ships were death traps were the lack of compartmentalization. In other words, not enough areas to seal off in case of flooding. wide open spaces with very few water tight doors unlike American ships. One could tell that preventative maintenance was not in their vocabulary.

    • Xalgucennia says:

      Was that the ship that sank, and the officers said it was because the crew spent so much time in diversity training they didn’t know basic safety procedures?

    • Ozymandias says:

      @Jeffrey Kalb Saves the cost of decommissioning it and sending it to the shipbreakers. It costed $30 million to scrap the USS Bonhomme Richard which also had a fire on board, although the cause then was apparently a negligent sailor.

    • Glix says:

      I have been aboard a few Russian naval vessels, first in the early 90s in Vladivostok. Compared to the US Navy, they were laughable and tacky.

    • Greg B says:

      I thought it was built in the 50s so not exactly high tech design with regards on how it was constructed.

  5. Julia Red says:

    Imagine the flagship of your Navy getting totaled by either 2 enemy missiles or a small fire near the ammo storage. 🤣

  6. axioms22 says:

    way to go Ukraine!

  7. Julia Red says:

    I cant wait for Part 2 of this series, where they visit Moskva, the biggest artificial reef in the Black Sea and famous dive spot for enthusiasts

  8. Daniel James says:

    Well done to Ukraine. Applause!

  9. Coco Chanel says:

    Excellent timing on this rewind release! Thank you!

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