Rhett & Link Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Rhett & Link Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Rhett & Link take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. Do Rhett & Link live together? Are they a couple? Are they actually friends?? The hilarious pair answer all these questions, and more!

”Internetainers” Rhett & Link are the hosts of the most-watched daily talk show on the internet, Good Mythical Morning, which airs weekdays on YouTube.com/GoodMythicalMorning.

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Rhett & Link Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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74 Responses

  1. Contemplate says:

    An old married couple😂

  2. Harshil Patel says:

    Their hair is ON POINT. Well done guys 🙂

  3. SoundDrout says:

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast

  4. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    Today we find out who uses Google.

    *Let’s talk about that.*

  5. Compa Yoshi says:

    When Link said, are Rhett and Link stoners, Rhett is just bobbing his head

  6. Braxis IV says:

    Are Rhett and Link the best waifus?

    Yes the answer is always yes.

  7. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    I love these guys so much. They’re so awesome. Or should I say, *mythical*

  8. ItIsMeAbi says:

    I love how link said that there isn’t an easy answer to them being furries

  9. unlyricallyrics says:

    Why did Rhett and Link stop “song” biscuits is what I think that question was going for.

  10. Lee 219 says:

    They look so good in this video

  11. Danny Bhattarai says:

    I really prefer Link’s current hairstyle.

  12. Kaceofspadess says:

    Upset that they didn’t say “let’s talk about that”

  13. Procrastination says:

    “Are Rhett and Link still making videos?” Rhett: You know you can just google that and you’d know.

    Lmao ok

    • SGD Myrddin says:

      He meant that you can just go to their channel and check for updates rather than asking the question, lol.
      (Unless you understood that anyway, and I misunderstood why you wrote this. :P)

    • Stephanie Joobern says:

      He meant that if you just googled their names and pressed “videos” you could see the answer instead of typing that whole question

    • Procrastination says:

      Lol I got it guys, just a joke, but Kek. Also, by googling exactly what they did, they still get the answers.

    • SGD Myrddin says:

      Yeah, they probably could, actually. Strikes me as a rather roundabout way to go about it, but they could. 😛

  14. Coconut Bro says:

    They got vasectomies together of course they are brothers.

  15. Youtubehasaids says:

    *Link:* Have you ever put butter, in your ears?
    *Rhett:* -_-


  16. Erika says:

    omg Link’s eyes are really something in this lighting though

  17. Noshin N. says:

    These two are constantly hovering between sarcasm, stupid humour and seriousness – you have to have been watching them for a long time to distinguish which is which… Rhett is obviously joking about the friends thing, guys! 😂

    • John Smith says:

      I couldn’t tell when they were serious because I haven’t watched them much but I could tell they were being sarcastic most of the time (I think) XD.

    • Alexandru Tanase says:

      Yes but he also said that they don’t hang out as much besides filming

    • Oh My Flavors! says:

      that was a JOKE. they have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. if you oistened to their podcast or followed their personsl social media you wouod know that they and their families soend time together constantly, they go on vacation together, and rhett and link like to go camping, surfing, offroading, and to concerts together. learn to understand when they are joking

    • LukesGaming says:

      I used to be surprised by the amount of comments complaining about an offhanded joke one of them made during a video. But after watching this and laughing the whole way through, I understood why new viewers would be confused by their humor. I absolutely adore this video because it seems like such dry unfiltered humor for them. And I understand them after watching for almost 5 years! Anyone know of any other medium where they use this kind of humor? Podcast episodes anyone can recommend?

  18. clawiyDC4ever says:

    To all the people shocked about them not being friends anymore… IT’S A JOKE, Jesus, of course they still are, they even consider and had referred to themselves as an old married couple many times before, that’s how strong their bond is. Almost the whole video had that ironic tone, don’t be surprised, it’s Rhett and Link.

  19. Lena Maria says:

    *i have met rhett and link and i can confirm, they are nice in real life :)*

  20. ragingfiip says:

    LoL, this video would be very confusing for people who don’t understand the subtleties of sarcasm and dry humor…

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