Rhett & Link Fondle Alex’s Balls.

Rhett & Link Fondle Alex’s Balls.

Can we tell a dodge ball from a soccer ball? Alex has gathered various balls, and we’re going to fondle them and see if we can identify which type of ball they are.  GMMore #1446

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68 Responses

  1. Amber Law says:

    thats an interesting title

  2. STIX says:

    Aight who makes the titles these days?

  3. A K says:

    A game I’d like to call
    Will the title change?

  4. Emmy-Lou says:

    For some reason I’m sure the title of this will be changed later??

  5. Zak D says:


  6. Robert Guajardo says:

    Well I bet every 12 year old mind chuckled at this title no doubt

  7. Purple Ducky Go Quack says:

    Proud member of the pre title change club

    • Sami Dunlap says:

      They literally did a whole thing about how annoying these comments are omg

    • Sarah Yassin says:

      What video was that?

    • Sami Dunlap says:

      +Sarah Yassin The LTAT– they said that people always complain about changing stuff and how sad it makes them, but they’re still gonna keep doing it and its annoying that people keep complaining

    • Erik Bailey says:

      Sami Dunlap no. They were talking about the intro. This person is referring to the fact that the title of this particular video may change due to the fact that it can be taken inappropriately and it may get demonetized because of it

    • YamiSphinx says:

      +Sami Dunlap This isn’t the same thing, here they’re talking about YouTube’s crackdown BS.

  8. saya says:

    Title : *exists*

  9. the invisible me says:

    Link: so can I use both hands?
    Alex: yes, I prefer you do
    Me: chuckles
    Also me: please you are 31!

  10. Pigeon Morris says:

    Any video with Alex is guaranteed to be a treat

  11. Jojosaysrawr says:

    When Alex turn and coughed. I see what you did there ?

  12. Jen 75 says:

    Rhett looks like a Amish girl doing her school project ??? Link was really spunky today…I luv it???

  13. Pigeon Morris says:

    I remember they talked about Link’s hideout in one of the older episodes. If i’m not mistaken, link’s “plumbing” was actually just a pvc pipe with the end in their neighbor’s side.. so the pee would end up there lol.

  14. McKenna White says:

    I need a 12 Months of Bonnet Rhett calendar.

  15. Normal Thingamajig says:

    Today, we ask the age-old question.

    *Will It Get Demonetized?*

  16. Abbie Lloyd says:

    Alex is like…. really hot in this episode lol

  17. Mizze says:

    Lol he turned his head and coughed!

  18. Ana says:

    Pretty sure Work Proximity Associate was a parks and rec reference, Rhett smh

  19. Maxence Neveux says:

    Hum there’s something weird that just happened, i just receive a friendrequest from Good Mythical MORE (obviously someone using their name) and after saying hello, they told me i won a giveaway and had to click on a link ( obviously a scam) so i wanted to warn you

  20. LM897 says:

    Well, there’s a title I never thought I’d see……

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