Rhett & Link Reveal the Cover of Their Book of Mythicality

Rhett & Link Reveal the Cover of Their Book of Mythicality

YouTube stars Rhett & Link talk to Jimmy about Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality: A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity, and Tomfoolery and explains some childhood photos to Jimmy.

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Rhett & Link Reveal the Cover of Their Book of Mythicality

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20 Responses

  1. Katelyn Larese says:

    Mythical beasts unite! ? ✌️?

  2. Zack Bratan says:

    I just wanna say I am awesome

  3. Joseph Arredondo says:

    Jimmy is so fake

  4. Florence Cheuk says:


  5. Jinyang Guo says:

    Can’t help but notice that their legs are perfectly parallel to each other

  6. Appellation Sobriquet says:

    What a pair of impeccably dressed gentlemen! Who else LOVES Rhett & Link? ❤️

  7. I aim to misbehave says:

    I feel like a proud mythical parent!

  8. Sauradeep Chakraborty says:

    “I’m obsessed with *cereal*”
    *_Serial Killer confirmed_*

  9. rina deer says:

    the cereal bath was my first ever GMM episode and I’ve stuck with them since that day
    they have a diamond play button, a thriving entertainment business, have won multiple awards, wrote their own yt red show and now a book
    my boys have come so far and they deserve every second of their success
    *cries in mythical*

  10. Ali Ezzeddine says:

    my guys Rhet & Link on the tonight show. Moving on up boys!

  11. ImperialBiscuit says:

    Rhett and Link look like two old grandads that are still friends and are sitting beside each other in deck chairs pointing at stuff on the sidewalk and shouting WILL IT

  12. Because im, BATMAN! says:

    Anyone else think Fallon bitched out on the “Will it S’more” ?

  13. seidimeow says:

    I’m still surprised Link didn’t say frosted mini wheats!

  14. ramonypony says:

    Rhett and Link, how are y’all so chill!? I get that they’re used to talking to cameras with the crew around, but still, they seem so relaxed. Who else thought it was strange how Jimmy thought what Link said was so weird? No Jimmy, that’s just Link, and that was not the weirdest or grossest thing he’s ever said, not by a long shot, you get used to it. ?

  15. carella211 says:

    Just like the sun will always rise in the East and set in the West, Link will always say something to make things weird, lol.

  16. lily falls says:

    Omfg it looks beautiful

  17. Uncle Drei says:

    Look at where you are, look at where youve started!

    Any hamilton fans around?

  18. ThatsKarmaForYa says:

    2:34 Harambe??

  19. efnarios says:

    The audience are surprisingly lively to this

  20. ali ameri says:

    I don’t know when we are going to stop making stupid people famous

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