A red hot nickel ball on Gak. Sent in by youtube user:

WARNING *For your safety do not attempt to recreate ANYTHING you see here at home!

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19 Responses

  1. ForeverMan says:

    You used to heat that ball a little bit more

  2. UltimateGoliath WoJ. says:

    Hahaha nice

  3. Regina Watson says:

    Bacon please

  4. Erik Mangolt-McGonigal says:

    that’s some sad sounding gak 0:11

  5. Khandnalie says:

    *insert brony gak meme*
    Also HowToBasic influence confirmed

  6. funnyvidio690 says:

    Rhcb vs drywall

  7. anon typo says:

    Its confirmed gak is american “cheese”

  8. Brandon Bell says:

    Who else heard a fart?! XD

  9. mpoll1016 says:

    Can you do it on a variety of nuts in their shells?

  10. lucky43113 says:

    I bet that smelled like the sound it made in the beginning 

  11. Axel Lund says:

    So gak= the best heta shield ever?

  12. cam h-w says:

    Why nickel?

  13. wwedvdfanedge says:

    Gak smoke. Don’t breathe this.

  14. popeluigi says:

    Love the HowToBasic-esque ending

  15. CableWrestler says:

    The last bit was a but ‘how to basic’.

  16. GamerGecko26 says:

    RHNB liquid oxygen

  17. Андрей Петров says:

    Try to drop it in Nutella 

  18. Jasper3364 says:

    I’m going to say right now that gak could very easily make good armor
    resistant to incendiary ammunition.

  19. Jay Shook says:

    Should coat the bottom of the space shuttle in this shit!