‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Storms Out Of AHL Interview!

‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Storms Out Of AHL Interview!

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga join Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover and guest co-host Dave Karger to discuss the upcoming season when suddenly Teresa storms out of the interview. Find out the question that set her off! “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Sundays 8/7c on Bravo.
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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Carmichael says:

    haha why is that reporter’s head so big! She must be really a tiny person
    cuz she is all noggin haha

  2. MrSleeps says:

    Its amazing what people entertain themselves with. The human race is

  3. Tyler Alexander says:

    They choose to have their lives exposed to America, they substitue privacy
    for fame, if they can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  4. Katie Seal says:

    they still have a right to privacy regardless of if they are on a reality
    show or not smh

  5. John Trolly says:

    Well I think in terms of fairness behaving as one does in the press we
    should give the press the same respect. Hey Kit Hoover, I have a special
    set of skills that knows everything about everyone. Lets talk about the
    multiple affairs your husband is having behind your back. <<--- Real truth for the press Kit Hoover.

  6. Cypress Nights says:

    Cornball hosts

  7. Eastsidedirtykid says:


  8. Meg Salmon says:

    That question was uncalled for. That show, is still someone’s LIFE. We need
    to be lifting people up in a positive way. Do you see how much hate is in
    this world right now!? oh and then to high five after hurting someone’s
    feeling!? wow
    THIS is why i don’t watch shows like access Hollywood!!! Bullies who never
    got out of high school!!

  9. Lorri J says:

    Why did the woman reporter have to keep pushing the issue after Theresa
    said she didn’t want to talk about that? It just made the whole interview
    really awkward. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

  10. Marty McMine says:

    She said “it’s COULD be a fact”

  11. uclafan80 says:

    That lady in red is a badass. Truth hurts sometimes lol

  12. Ricardo Osuna says:

    if you don’t want to be offended don’t do interviews, stay out of the

  13. Rob Smith says:

    Teresa is pretty sexy

  14. Thang Vuong says:

    All the Teresa supporters are stupid as fuck, the bitch makes her coin off
    of exposing her life for people to gawk at and she was insulted by a
    relevant question?!

  15. Dan Baeza says:

    Nice reporters! You idiots your lucky people even come on your stupid show!

  16. Steven Krazier says:

    Teresa is insanely stupid, she can barely put a sentence together.

  17. vera0977 says:

    Damn calm down you make it seem like if she was asked something sooo
    personal like if that situation wasn’t known?

  18. Reality Check says:

    Why is this news? Why do we give a crap about these narcissistic monsters?

  19. just0r says:

    What a stupid fucking question.

  20. Fer Salazar says:

    I find it a bit hypocritical that she’s a Trump supporter yet her husband
    could be deported since he’s a citizen from another country.