rhythm games

rhythm games

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20 Responses

  1. Kuro the Sinner says:

    why do you have an ssr on your team if you’re not gonna make it your center smh

  2. jbjubilant514 says:

    it is our duty to make sure this trends

  3. StoneThug Music says:

    *Every Racist Has A Black Friend*
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  4. Kyla Dimaculangan says:

    And that’s why we always wait for it to show “Live Show Cleared”

  5. Jazzy says:

    my rhythm gaming experience

    Me: [playing some mania at school to pass time]
    Random: Wow that’s so fast, how do you even read that?
    Me: [silently continues to play the 8 kps average song]

  6. Pradeep Dhakal says:

    who’s here before its trending

  7. Jackson Percy says:

    Me playing osu! on my laptop. When my aim was good enough to combo at least half a song, lag would ruin it every bloody time

  8. King Dedede says:

    *D O U B L E U P !*

  9. J Music says:

    Why is DDR like the only rhythm game white people are decent at? When they play Osu, DereSte or any Rayark games, they suck balls. I don’t wanna sound racist but why….

  10. Enjoy wasting a couple of seconds of your life reading this really long name that isn't that long says:

    Me when cytus brought out those 3 random ass notes at the end of the knight song motherfuckers

  11. Mehoy Menoi says:

    Rhythm Heaven is my City

  12. Leah Ferolin says:

    Parappa the Rapper,Patapon,& Vib Ribbon fall in this for me

  13. Cloatic_ Gaming101 says:

    This channel just has the Best fucking QUALITY content. No joke.

  14. Uni Qwer says:

    God I hate it

  15. Ahmet Zoey says:

    Well in hatsune miku you can tell if the song is ended or not

  16. Matt Scott says:

    He needs to upload more skits

  17. Anna says:

    my friend broke her phone bc of love live lmao,,

  18. Yukihira Tsukihi says:

    ProZD and LLSIF my life is complete

  19. i dont want a name says:


  20. iPhoneeditor says:

    But can you play Through the Fire and the Flames?

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