Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat Ghostface Killah and Pouya (Official Video)

Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat Ghostface Killah and Pouya (Official Video)

Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat. Ghostface Killah and Pouya

Executive Produced by Sean Miyashiro
Directed By Marshmallow Tartz
VFX by Alessio De Vecchi

88 is double happiness

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20 Responses

  1. answeryt says:

    ghostface killah oh my what a verse

  2. Daniel Nicoletti says:

    Did Rich Chigga just killed Ghostface on a track?

  3. Brolick Scholar says:

    I only watched this to hear Ghostface Killah!

  4. gang gang says:

    what sucks is most won’t understand Pouya’s verse unless they have

    1. listened to energy
    2. listened to UU
    3. seen his first interview
    4. listen to his collab with $uicideboy$
    5. listen and know who Germ is and how slump that niggah gets lol.

    (this overall is a progressive chart on how pouya grew his fame and how
    chigga even admires the dude reason he has this dude as a ft.) if you
    haven’t already check out the whole Buffet Boys Crew , G59 , Schemaposse,
    seshollowaterboyz, Hu$tle Fam , and others that I have yet mentioned but
    are there.

  5. Johnny Lotto says:

    Damn, Ghostface cannot ride that beat. Man, that just made me depressed.

  6. Haena Kim says:

    He’s only 16? Lol.

  7. fascinating says:


  8. TragestyX says:

    This shit would have way more views if Facebook didn’t steal them all.

  9. fuccboi says:

    this bitch at 0:22 look like g dragon… wtf… peeps my soundcloud

  10. Dev様 says:


  11. Kiundre Burks says:

    this song honestly made me lmao ???? but I guess it’s still

  12. Trick Daddy says:

    pouya cut his hair looks good

  13. Cam B says:

    no one mentioning pouya???

  14. iB3RNAL says:

    “That bitch will give me more head than Steve Harvey”

    What the fuck Ghostface. When he said he was gonna hop on a remix I was
    honestly expecting some dope shit, but sadly this is what we got. Just
    focus on dropping that DOOMSTARKS project.

  15. Adam Lavelle says:

    An Asian, White and Black. Rap is how we combat racism.

  16. Chris Brown says:

    Lol worst music ever

  17. DLLO Eiv says:

    the fucking instrumentals makes me wanna go outside and be a clown

  18. Bathing Ape says:

    GFK and pouya don not fit in these song

  19. J Dot says:

    I cannot believe I just heard Ghost spit over this beat…I’m speechless
    lol he kilt that

  20. Jåden Yuki says:

    Omg the Asian Jacob Sartorius!