RICH CHIGGA x ZHU. x SKRILLEX x THEY. – Working For It (Official Audio)

RICH CHIGGA x ZHU. x SKRILLEX x THEY. – Working For It (Official Audio)

An 88rising Reimagination





88 is double happiness

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20 Responses

  1. zero6627 says:

    I saw rich chigga , I click.

  2. The Capgras Brothers says:

    Rich Chigga has great delivery in his phrases

  3. Stefan Bijkerk says:

    So when are we getting Rich Chigga x DumbFoundDead and a beat prod. by Getter?

  4. 尻を 食べる says:

    Did not expect this combo but it’s dope as fuck

  5. Soulaiman El Maimouni says:

    Rich chigga better than 90% of those mumble rappers learning English from YouTube. Skrillex X Rich chigga, this is my new shit for sure.

  6. Big Boss says:

    i paused my porn for this,

    still jacking off tho

  7. SomeonePunchedMe says:

    Rich Chigga for XXL Freshman Class 2017

  8. God Of Losers says:

    You know that ugly face you make when hear some fire shit? my face is stuck that way now.

  9. Kristina Kohl says:

    Rich Chigga is no joke. He needs a full creative control record deal stat. Absolutely, love everything he makes.

  10. Deva says:

    chigga x ape x okasian x kohh x dumbfounddead pls

  11. nice meme says:

    Still waiting for Rich Chigga x Filthy Frank

  12. kiana kifurai says:

    What a great morning surprise.

  13. 88rising says:

    rich chigga kill em all year of our lord 2017. look out.

  14. Naufal Rafdi says:

    you know whats sucks about this song?

    this shit is too short

  15. Knightcore says:

    Rich Chigga is dropping a song/remix like every 6 months, but every time it’s the most lit shit ever

  16. DVRX says:

    kok intronya bukan Mmmm Ooooo Y o g s yogs takis?

  17. Potatoes Have Feelings Too says:

    Semua dah tau chigga itu org indonesia, ga usah sibuk” komen dia org indonesia, udah norak malu-maluin lagi. negara sedang berkembang tapi orangnya kapan maju?

  18. dick says:

    u can do better than skrillex brian

  19. EpicFace5050 says:

    wait people actually like rich chigga ?? I thought it was just another slim jesus

  20. PlamenDrop says:

    I don’t like how they mixed in Chigga’s track in his first flow.

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