Rich The Kid – For Keeps ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Rich The Kid – For Keeps ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Rich The Kid – For Keeps ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again [Official Music Video]
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Music video by Rich The Kid performing For Keeps. © 2019 Interscope Records

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53 Responses

  1. FutureHype says:

    favourite song off the album ???

  2. Cheese Cheese says:

    RICH AND YOUNG BOY WENT IN ??Like if you agree

  3. Miguel Fragata says:

    The song is featuring nba young boy but 80% of the comments are about him, 10% is comparing him to rich the kid and the other 10% is just other stuff ???

  4. Firou says:

    Who is here before the million??

  5. OR-king says:

    Rich The Kid is in a church because he is trying to rebuke Lil Uzi ?

    • Goldmind says:

      Fuck Uzi! Don’t mention that lame name on here

    • ? says:

      Your comment funny cus Uzi had Rich running like a bitch

    • I'm sorry says:

      Ya he in a church talking about fucking bitches and the cross is red, this nigga is def Christian, don’t get me wrong tho shit go hard, fuck with both they cool, but idk it’s the same shit as uzi to me

  6. Jahmonte says:

    The Real NBAYoungboy fans would like this

  7. sai veeru says:

    He protac
    He Attac
    But most importantly
    Rich the kid’s teeth
    is bright as facc

  8. Jr Reyes says:

    Nba youngboy carried this?

  9. Kieran Oconnell says:

    Both snapped but Youngboy definitely went harder ?

  10. Ramon Fernandez says:

    Who’s the best?
    Like:NBA Youngboy
    Comment:Rich the kid

  11. Sloed says:

    Like if Youngboy the best rapper out

  12. OnlyOmari says:

    NBA YoungBoy always spit ????


    Godddamn that slaps so hard

  14. ix Saucy says:

    Youngboy jus made rich the kid best song??

  15. ix Saucy says:

    I rock 2 rollies I’m not regular I’m Str8 out Dem trenches??

  16. Brian A says:

    YOUNGBOY ONLY HAS ONE WATCH, like for luck

  17. sami hailu says:

    Real fans heard this 3/4/19 at 6pm ????‍♂️?

    • Angel Soto says:

      sami hailu Song been out and was posted last week on youtube also quit playin ? You the fake fan barley hearing it bum Exposed yourself..

    • sami hailu says:

      +Angel Soto???? BRUUUUUH I was just pretending to be one of those ppl who say this kinda shit in the comments, as a joke ?? and btw half the shit u said don’t make sense country boi

  18. Crushed Ice Rap says:

    *My heart cold, I bet the angels agree*
    Who else feels this line so much fam??

    *Greetings to all of you from a young rapper!*

  19. Juwaniie YT says:

    Who’s the best??

  20. KMD says:

    damn rich couldn’t even stay on beat. nba did good tbh.

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