Richard Branson’s Message From Space

Richard Branson’s Message From Space

“To all you kids down there…” – Richard Branson’s message from zero gravity. #Unity22

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49 Responses

  1. MaroWeltShow says:

    Thank you and congratulations

    • Duke Craig says:

      @pudgy panda
      And what exactly is the NHS?

    • pudgy panda says:

      @Duke Craig National Health Service, in the UK

    • EVOLICIOUS says:

      Naive peasants thanking billionairs for spending hundreds of thousands to take a quick trip to the edge of our atmosphere. Just sad.

    • Biswarup Das says:

      @EVOLICIOUS The thing is…He went on his Own Company’s Spaceplane…And how many normal Civilians went to space before him??

    • Indigo says:

      @Clark Hathaway He achieved something many people could only dream would ever happen so he has given us a glims of the future we want. A kind of motivation hard to match. And generally made a lot of space enthusiasts (like me) happy. That enough for me to thank him

  2. SmarterEveryDay says:

    I like that he’s working to inspire the next generation.

  3. Zukhal Luthfan says:

    That crews it’s like when my Grandpa giving me some life advise

  4. Towerofterrorfan21 says:

    Here’s to space travel and Richard making his childhood dream a reality!

    • Jim Morrison says:

      @Oh Breekk “you’ll never wake up” – maybe you should grow up. Mate, this is not the Matrix, and you are not party to some special inside info which 99% of people can’t grasp. The earth IS a ball, floating in space. I know this is too boring for you, and not cool and edgy enough, but this is how it is.

    • Oh Breekk says:

      @Jim Morrison For the record I don’t subscribe or claim to be part of any group. Yes because I changed nearly all my beliefs and frameworks, too be “edgy”. You really are an NPC so surface level and simple 🤣.

    • Jim Morrison says:

      @Oh Breekk That word NPC again? I see. You learned a cool new acronym, and you are going to use it. Decent!

    • chris daly says:

      It’s a cartoon.

    • Pete Jones says:

      He is lying to his inner child, that isn’t space

  5. Kiran Alokkan says:

    As an aerospace engineer, I hope to do something big in this field in this future. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT says:

      @Jayant take off your stupid hat first

    • Jayant says:

      @mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT another one.

    • Momchil Andonov says:

      Do you think the thin atmosphere density is the main reason they don’t pass the Karman line? I mean with such small plane and less jet fuel than a rocket, they are probably worried that they can lose control in space if they make the mistake of going too far away and not being able to return.

    • chris daly says:

      Don’t bother. It’s all fake. CGI cartoons. You are better than this. NASA is a fraud.

    • Mario Has 4 IQ says:

      @chris daly lmao this is virgin galactic… not nasa… and also this is real…

  6. Khalid Kassim says:

    Jeff bezos watching this in a corner crying!

    • R DOTTIN says:

      @Machiel van Dijk So why did Jeff suddenly decide to make a big issue about going when the rocket isn’t even ready yet?
      It goes against the entire philosophy of the company, and is not wize at all considering rockets are more risky than planes.
      Sounds like he was throwing his hat in the ring to me. Which is fine, but he has to accept his losses like a grownup.

    • Momchil Andonov says:

      @Burn Notice but with extremely limited resources compared to his.

    • chris daly says:

      Yeah, crying because he knows this is fake.CGI cartoons. Wake up morons.

    • braf zachland says:

      not really, bezos already owns half of space as payment for the government contracts for black projects he colludes on. pretty sure branson had to ask permission to use their space

    • 0623kaboom says:

      Elon sitting back laughing … 3 years late dude …

  7. INVISIGOTH says:

    he wasted so much time talking when he could have been spinning

    • Simon Anthony says:

      He can do it again 🙂

    • Vilo Shmillo says:

      He owns the gig. He can do it anytime he wants.

    • N.G says:

      you can do spinning here on earth in a pool or in the vomet comet, what you can’t do it look out the window and SEE earth, which is what he was doing while the idiots at the back missed the once in a life time view! They’ll kick themselves for sure in days, weeks and years to come.

    • INVISIGOTH says:

      @N.G they could see it the whole way up and the whole way back while they have their seat belts on

  8. U N says:

    Ну, наконец-то сбылась детская мечта, поздравляю вас сэр Ричард Брэнсон с успешным полетом!!!🚀🇺🇸👍

  9. Peng Joon says:

    Would Virgin Galactic be accepting my frequent flier miles?

  10. Marcus House says:

    This really does look rather fun! Congrats Richard and Virgin Galactic!

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