Richard Hammond roasts YouTubers’ cars!

Richard Hammond roasts YouTubers’ cars!

First it was James May, now Richard Hammond has taken to the world of automotive YouTubers to judge the cars that feature on their channels. With everything from a McLaren Senna to a Corvette drag racer, watch to see what Richard thinks of them!

This video was filmed before the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown.

The channels of the roasted YouTubers:

Ken Block:
JR Garage:
Jay Leno:
Rob Dahm:
Gigi Papasavvas:
Vehicle Virgins:
Cleetus McFarland:

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50 Responses

  1. Phymatic says:

    I want to see Cleetus take Hammond for a pass in Leroy!

  2. James Tepper says:

    Here’s a better title: Richard Hammond compliments YouTubers’ cars!

  3. Kedut says:

    >”Richard roasts your car”
    >Compliments every car on the list
    >Ends it by being careful and explaining its just his opinion
    Roast your car Canada edition or what ?

  4. Chris Meh says:

    “No Hammond, not every car belongs on the cool wall.”- J. Clarkson (probably)

  5. Dharani Dharan says:

    Title : Hammond Roasts Cars

    Hammond : This is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

  6. Gigi Papasavvas says:

    Haha, the wraps not for everyone but thanks for the feature!

  7. Making People’s Head Roll says:

    You shoulda just roasted vehicle virgins whole channel😂

  8. RGJ 22 says:

    Next up we have Vehicle Virgins’ McLaren P1, oh wait… 😂

  9. Asher Bernstein says:

    Ah, yes. Jay Leno, that youtuber

  10. Sato Drift says:

    “Its like secretly liking a monster truck”

    I completely agree

  11. Nikkob says:

    I’d like to see Failrace’s Plymouth Fury on this

  12. EffYea says:

    I’m a simple man, I see cleetus McFarland or his cars, I click

  13. naufal krisna says:

    Let clarkson do this 😂
    Maybe an hour he can mocking about somebody’s car 😂

  14. Dhiyaur Rahman says:

    Would be great to have all 3 of them roasting cars at the same time, bickering like in the old top gear times

  15. DaleW92 says:

    “Hammond gushes over youtubers cars for 6 minutes”

    Fixed the title for you

  16. Spencer Atkisson says:

    Why does Hammond sound like he’s recording this at 2am and trying not to wake anybody up

  17. Varinder Singh says:

    “Hammond you idiot!!!!” I can already hear Clarkson being “ You were supposed to roast the cars!!”😂

  18. SketchyDJM says:

    No more “roasting” for you, Hammond. Leave it to May or Clarkson. You were far too nice 🙂

  19. FreezeBurn 1 says:

    Title: Richard Hammond roasts YouTubers’ cars!
    12 seconds in: “I promise to be nice”

  20. Black Bark says:

    Imagine Clarkson on this episode

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