Richard Jefferson has a candid discussion on Ja Morant

Richard Jefferson has a candid discussion on Ja Morant


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  1. Internet In A Bottle says:

    I feel like Ja played Jalen Rose for a chump, who was trying to do him a favor and get him back on track. Epic bag fumble. And lost a ton of respect everywhere.

  2. 2KUniverseElite says:

    RJs example of his kids knowing Ja morant and knowing what it would implicate if those kids have no parental guidance is the realest it can get. It might be a minor thing to some but definitely it will have an effect because Ja is a public figure now.

    • 2KUniverseElite says:

      @gutenbird you want it to be specific? Quit nitpicking i already said its an example out of a thousand implications to what ja morant is doing with his decisions.

    • Taquan Coleman says:

      A lot of former players have relationships with current players. So you don’t think its possible?

  3. loudgrape28 says:

    I appreciate RJ’s story about his kids because I’m tired of people saying Ja’s young. He’s an ADULT, he’s a FATHER, and I know most people wouldn’t do this at any age.

  4. kingdramanyz says:

    rj gained my respect. seems like a good teacher and father

    • heyworld!!!!! :) says:

      Yeah him and SAS have had some great takes on this second incident. Hope Ja can get help this time around and not do stupid PR stunts.

    • Ike.O says:

      RJ’s take was incredible. His kids understand the severity of brandishing a weapon than a grown ass multi million NBA player… what a goddamn shame.

    • Andre Wimberly says:

      ​@Ike.O Per the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, players are banned from possessing firearms or similar deadly weapons when present at a team or NBA facility or traveling on NBA-related business, such as a road trip.Mar 7, 2023

    • Regista Me says:

      @jett 😂😂😂😂😂 starting at the beginning of what you said may help you… much more than you think

    • Alan Hudson says:

      Props to RJ I’ve been an educator for over 25 yrs how do you exolain this to children n students when ur constantly teaching the students to resist the violence do positive things n make good decisions and Ja decides to do this not once but twice exhibiting negative behavior with the actual weapon in his hand..I’m at no words there is definitely a price coming for this ridiculous behavior 😢

  5. Jose says:

    RJ got me when he said CAP 😂

  6. Bigg Snoop N Da Coup says:

    They could of just played the “Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube” immediately after RJ said 🧢 💪😂

    • That's crazy Man says:

      I almost missed that part because I couldn’t take what rj said seriously lol

      Like motherfucker, your kids ain’t say all that shit.

      It’s like folks that tweet stuff saying “my 5 year old son asked me why is America the way it is? Don’t people want to respect it?”

  7. Jose Nunez says:

    It was obvious in the Jalen Rose interview that it was BS lol.

    I remember telling my friend that. Ja was full of shit in that interview but I hope the kid gets his head straight

  8. Josho Kamoo says:

    Richard Jefferson is a example of continuous growing ! i got mad love for RJ ! I followed his career and he only keeps going up and up !

  9. Carlos S says:

    RJ’s entire rant was a sneak diss at Ja Morant’s fame seeking father, hilarious.

    • Michael Turley says:

      Like Father Like Son hahaha dude wants to be a rapper so bad

    • Jay Reece says:

      If I was his dad I’d be pissed. Like dude yo mom and I didnt bust our ass for you NOT to be from the trenches just so you can act like you are $100 million later lol

    • Tien Trinh says:

      His 6 year old said guns are bad. So does Ja but the 6 year old doesn’t have friends money and cars

  10. TheWordIsMarc says:

    “I don’t let my guns play with my kids… err.. I mean… I don’t let my kids play with guns” 😂😂😂

    • apee almagro says:

      yeah! i caught that.. He prolly has a minimum of two

    • says:

      @apee almagro there’s no problem with that. I would buy at least a few for self-defense if I lived in the US.

    • OGGalaxyXx//Ryuma says:

      @。its not the problem with having it, its about showing and flaunting it inna public space when not necessary. First the club then on the streets, both on IG LIVE LIKE A FUCKEN MOVIE OR SOME GOOFY SHI. smh no need to be putting that info out and JA should know that. Its like dude wants somebody to give him a reason to use it😕

    • says:

      @OGGalaxyXx//Ryuma well, I don’t disagree with you. I hold to the opinion that the NBA was too lenient towards Ja the first time he did it. They should suspend him at least half of the season this time.

    • OGGalaxyXx//Ryuma says:

      @。 well its also the way they tried to resolve the issue at hand first. If vets on your team like STEVEN ADAMS, one of the most solid and humble dudes in the league with a great rep outside of bball, tells you to stick to ball and you stay ignorant. Man you do deserve what comes your way. Im not hating on Ja either cuz i love him as a player, however this whole situation puts a bad bad rep on those close to him. When they try and call ja to resolve their issues like a cop then they also put him (An ALL NBA TEAM TALENT) in terrible situations. If they know his temper is like those they should absolutely do everything they can to avoid said situations to push themselves away from a moment of unneeded escalation. Like I said, somebody will test him if he keep on trying to portray a certain lifestyle. Hope he stay healthy, and sticks to the hoops.

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