Richard Jefferson reacts to Kawhi Leonard trade to Raptors for DeMar DeRozan | Get Up! | ESPN

Richard Jefferson reacts to Kawhi Leonard trade to Raptors for DeMar DeRozan | Get Up! | ESPN

Richard Jefferson addresses DeMar DeRozan saying “you’re going to a great place” while discussing the reported trade between the San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors centered around Kawhi Leonard.

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95 Responses

  1. mostmost1 says:

    The spurs are better than the Lakers now.

    • Cosmic Moor says:

      I agree they always have been since Kobe left in addition to now with Lebron. Spurs could win ….say …. 55+ games w/2 bonafide All-Stars.

    • E Oanici says:

      You guys are out of your mind. The spurs are not better than the lebron led lakers.

    • zt videos says:

      mostmost1 Derozan improves every year, pop will help him

    • Jerry Huang says:

      I respect the Spurs but we have Lebron now. You guys are not better

    • Cosmic Moor says:

      Jerry Huang Lakers wont crack 8th seed weak supporting cast.LA lost a whole host of young talent from all Star break and post season. Spurs are still 6th7th8th seed. LeBron would consider early retirement after futility he encounters.

  2. Lok Wong says:

    Damn I love hearing RJ talk. Hope he becomes an analyst in the future

  3. TheNrat says:

    People forgot the raptors didn’t just trade demar they also may have gunted their bench

  4. damatrix1001 says:

    Richard Jefferson should have just been the only one talking. Dude is way calmer and rationale and knowledgeable

  5. Electronic Nostalgia says:

    He look like Warren G

  6. Baba Zehri says:

    Under Pop DeMar will become a legit superstar.

  7. KFC Manager says:

    Toronto trading their star for a rental 🤔

    • BK says:

      KFC Manager Yeah the same star who couldnt do shit against a weak cavs last year and got swept. Raptors need a rebuild.. they just going wild for this last year and Kawhi will leave and raptors will have a ton of cap space

      now they can start the rebuild early cause derozans contract was still an extra 2-3years or whatever

    • Abraham Ferguson says:

      KFC Manager it’s a really good rental but still was not a good move

    • Sumo Leonard says:

      they still have ibaka’s contract & lowry’s contract there not creating as much space as you think.. They fucked themselves over they traded there best player ( who’s been the only consistent player in the playoffs remember its kyle Lowry who folds in the playoffs not derozan averaged 28 a game against the wizards & Cavs. ) they gave up there best player and a first round draft pick for a rental who wants to play in la. The raptors are fucked.. Even with kawahi there a 2nd round & out team

  8. Evan Mansfield says:

    Raptors are rebuilding. There gonna trade kawhi mid season. Book it.

  9. charlieknockout says:

    Derozen is a class act. They shouldn’t have done this

  10. Diamond Moore says:

    “I was never the player he was” Im sorry gimme Richard Jefferson in his prime over DeRozan

    • Diamond Moore says:

      robert bytyqi I’ve definitely seen him play and freeze up every time he sees lebron lol I like his game tho he doesn’t rely on the three ball like every other player which I like I just hate how he gets inside his own head

    • Diamond Moore says:

      Ethan2 Kays2 who likes the raptors other than Canadians? Certainly not me, I mean there okay it was a dumb trade if u ask me kwai not gonna stay why not keep DeRozan and win the east since lebron is gone?

    • Sumo Leonard says:

      Diamond Moore Derozan was solid this year.. Y’all get your numbers twisted Derozan averaged 28 a game in the playoffs, kyle Lowry is the one who finished that series with the Cavs with 5 points lol.. Kyle Lowry was the other all star who can’t play under pressure..

    • Jayson Tatum says:

      Diamond Moore he didn’t mean to say that.. he was on sum lean

    • Diamond Moore says:

      Sumo Leonard lmao really? It’s a know FACT that both demar and Kyle both averaged 20 points that seris against the Cavs

  11. BlakeGriffinChannel says:

    Kawhi went from wanting to go home to LA to getting deported out the country. Lol 😂

  12. Eazy E says:

    You got DeMar. A guy who has been loyal to raptors for 9 years and was the best player on the team and loved raptors. Then you got Kawhi. A guy who wanted to go to Lakers and instead gets traded to a team he doesn’t like and most likely will request a trade as soon as he can…

    • viva laoldies says:

      Obviously Demar wasn’t cutting it. He wasn’t good enough & they got rid of his long term contract. If you were a Blazers fan you’d probably so no to a lillard AD trade cuz “loyalty bruhhh”

    • DGNR8 says:

      Kawhi doesnt need to request one. The contract is over in only a year

  13. TheAhemcough says:

    Richard Jefferson is way better than Jalen Rose. make it happen.

  14. Kevin Diakit says:

    lowry & derozan didn’t show up vs cavs, lowry dodged a bullet

  15. McFlyYouSlacker says:

    Richard Jefferson is a great NBA Analyst, the other person but on the other side is only good at hand gestures and pointing

    • Freddy Calipari says:

      McFlyYouSlacker yea he was a weirdo. Jefferson had to quickly remind him the Celtics also have lost to bron 3 years in a row,

  16. Just Another Viewer says:

    that closing statement by jefferson is so good
    demar might feel bad but he has the chance to make toronto regrets trading him

  17. Shazayum says:

    1:21 this dude doesn’t watch basketball..only reason the Raptors were a higher seed than Celtics was because Smart and Kyrie were out for a chunk of the season

  18. Mike S says:

    Lol at all the lames who hate players who use free agency in the same way that NBA front offices use trades. Yet only players are expected to be loyal, right? Be a good boy, be loyal and only go where we tell you to go.

    • Mike S says:

      King Kendrick I think it was weak to go to the team that beat you, but it was the best mover for his personality, and more importantly players should be able to choose where they play in free agency.

    • Cosmic Moor says:

      Agreed its a double standard. To me Kawhi wanted free from the Spurs plantation he received criticism for being “DisLoyal”.

    • King Kendrick says:

      Mike S surprising, I see people post this same argument but then hate on the guy

    • Jah Yute says:

      Mike S who pays who smh do you or any employee dictate to their employees

    • jayflash says:

      If any of us were in the NBA we would do what’s best for ourselves rather than the organization…the media and fans are the ones who dnt understand.

  19. dom kennedy says:

    Can the raptors trade Kawhi to LA? Or do they have to wait?

  20. Bay Area says:

    Dont get me wrong I think DeRozan is a good scorer, but I feel he’s way over rated.

    • Bay Area says:

      Alex I my iq is higher then yours 😂😂 idc if he’s all world.. Hes not as good as people make him out to be. Thats why he got traded along with another person and a first round pick for one guy for ONE year

    • Ismail Shokeye says:

      Bay Area you don’t know basketball go suck a Dick. Secondly DeRozan has a 19.7 ppg avg dumbass.

    • Bay Area says:

      Ismail Shokeye i know basketball, you must not if you think somebody scoring 19 a game on horrible fg % is that good lol.. Raptors know he isnt that good thats why they had to give up a first round pick and a role player with him.. Youre a pussy who talks shit on youtube. Enjoy your pathetic life 😊

    • Ismail Shokeye says:

      Bay Area fuck you asswhole

    • Cosmic Moor says:

      Kawhi and Demar are almost dead even in off. K is the best defender in the world that’s where Toronto wins but loses cuz k won’t stay.

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