Richie Jackson “Death Skateboards” Part

Richie Jackson “Death Skateboards” Part


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20 Responses

  1. OMAR Akhtar says:


  2. 527 N.Y.C. says:


  3. Drew Gore says:

    for fucks sake

  4. Jake Brittain says:

    Freaking Amazing!!

  5. André Pedroso says:

    Jason Park 2.0

  6. Garrett Barnes says:

    Skateboarding is all about having fun. And he’s having some fun

  7. William Choe says:

    I don’t understand how one could dislike this video?

  8. AC red says:

    the new Tony hok

  9. Mac Sexton says:

    Richie is the man!!!

  10. K-POPfans TUBE says:

    Mr.Jackson u are living in the 70,80s? bruh its 2016…we have SWAG

  11. juan rivas says:

    Dope creative and Fun Skaating

  12. GamersBar says:

    Rodney would be proud

  13. Enriki810 says:

    fuck this guy! just fuck this guy

  14. Pepsi 950 says:

    We get it, you’re a hippie

  15. Tyler Johnson says:

    Wanna be in the 70s so bad lol

  16. DARS HD says:

    holy shit hes so good but style needs to be upped a little its 2016 but if
    he wants do dress like that than whatever let him

  17. Patrick Clark says:

    R U kidding, the best use of inanimate objects and surrounding, normally
    useless bullshit. Is this man a visionary genius, a stoned out hippy, a
    progressive innovator? Yes, to all the aforementioned! Fuckin’ sick!!!!!!
    My new favorite skater!

  18. 李宇航 says:


  19. Nicholas Sanchez says:

    Richie mfn jackson

  20. Russell Piazza says:

    Don’t like skaters generally, but this young man is impressive.