Rick and Morty Design Sneak Peek: Wasteland | Snickers | [sponsored content]

Rick and Morty Design Sneak Peek: Wasteland | Snickers | [sponsored content]

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Learn more about the apocalyptic design and kinky fashions of “Rickmancing the Stone” S3E2

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Rick and Morty Design Sneak Peek: Wasteland | Snickers | [sponsored content]

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20 Responses

  1. The Ace Of Spades says:

    I think a more appropriate title would be “Mad Morty : Kinky Road”

  2. M. Arya Prameisa says:

    Mad max in rick and morty
    How can i ask more

  3. A person on the internet says:

    Next season: Rick turns into a snickers bar

  4. Klutz says:

    “Morty, shoot the Mohawk guy!”

  5. Boogaloo says:

    Anyone else concerned that the SJWs they hired will have an influence on shitting up future episodes?

  6. Opal Harper says:

    This show is the reason I put off my next suicide attempt.

  7. mehr says:

    “Sex and violence, they intertwine”


  8. Eric Fulton says:

    Snickers: now purgenol free!

  9. Base Ray says:

    Snickers, the place where sex and violence intertwine in your mouth.

  10. DailyMoFo1 says:

    Sex and violence……brought to you by snickers! Ur a pickle rick when ur hungry.

  11. Ninftw says:

    Holy fuck Dan is old

  12. Bora Boyacı says:


  13. Connor Nolan says:

    “Sex and violence, and how they intertwine. PRESENTED BY SNICKERS!” Well damn, I might just have to buy me a Snickers.

  14. B S says:

    notice how casually dan harmon says “death and annihilation”

  15. Björn Ironside says:

    How tf is this a Snickers ad?

  16. winter is coming says:

    Rick and Morty
    Reek and Ramsay

  17. 8-bit pepe says:

    Hungry for *SNICKERS*?

  18. Sergey Bodrov says:

    suck my dick niekclodeon . this is why cartoon newtokr wins every time. cri with me.

  19. Nathan XEQZA says:

    The comments in a nutshell :


    30% : ugh why did they hire anti-white SJW wominz it’s a plot by the Jews it’s gonna ruin the show

  20. nrrork says:

    I know SJWs have ruined unnatural hair colors in the same way douchebags ruined perfectly good fedora hats, but it doesn’t mean everyone who has that kind of hair IS one.

    And if those are the characters they designed, I’m not that worried, frankly.

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