Rick and Morty | S5E9 Cold Open: Morty Cleans Up Rick’s Mess | adult swim

Rick and Morty | S5E9 Cold Open: Morty Cleans Up Rick’s Mess | adult swim

Morty cleans up the mess left behind by Rick, but things get out of hand. Watch the two-part Season 5 finale of Rick and Morty this Sunday at 11pm on Adult Swim.

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Rick and Morty | S5E9 Cold Open: Morty Cleans Up Rick’s Mess | adult swim

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49 Responses

  1. Jahmeir Duncan says:

    Hmph funny usually it’s Rick that does the cleaning up, Morty really has grown

  2. Mathieu Leader says:

    the dessert demension is what I would imagine if Totland became a republic overthrowing Big Mam as their queen

    • Granetdud says:

      I mean, we all know Rick is secretly Dr. Vegapunk, so connecting the two franchises isn’t too farfetched…

    • Nathan Taffijn says:

      If big mom died all those candy people would to just like the zombies on Moriah’s island connected to the devil fruit.power once user dies they die.

      same with knocking sugar out to turn toys back to people as well.

    • Ameer Abdullah says:

      I see you’re a man of culture

    • ASimpleDude868 says:

      Good to see man of culture, I believe this would happen long after Luffy becomes pirate king and I mean very long when Dorry and Broggy dies of old age

  3. Mimeslayer says:

    This adds a lot of context to Morty being so put upon and whiney lately

    • Maul Ok says:

      @Nemos every season has its ups and downs. People said the exact same shit about season 4 and I remember people complaining about season 3 when it first came out. It happens every fucking season dude. I’m not “bias” I’m just a fan of the show and like what they put out. Every season has its ups and downs but even the alright episodes make me laugh my ass off. People just fucking complain too much. I can defend anything I want because it’s my opinion. Also they don’t make episodes based on the fans, they’ve actually made multiple episodes which went out of their way to basically tell the fans their wants didn’t matter. Just look at the train episode from season 4. People hated it because it basically told fans to fuck off and that the writers would make the story how they please. The first two episodes of season 5 were fantastic. End of story.

    • WooIn Louie YANG says:

      @Mitre we call you a hater cuz u are one. You don’t like season 5. That means you’re a hater. Do you even know what the def of hate even means?

    • Nemos says:

      @Maul Ok I don’t understand why you won’t let people criticise the show. You even know this season is pretty shit saying the only the first 2 episodes are good. The stuff they are doing is objectively bad writing and people like you defend it and say it’s “character development”. I’m fine with people enjoying it people can like what they want. But when you defend it with bullshit like character development when it’s just plain bad writing is when you start becoming delusional and just finding any little thing for it to be good. Stop trying to justify your own likes based on people’s opinions. I wouldn’t have a problems if you admit it’s bad writing but you still enjoy it. You getting mad about people saying the show is getting bad is just showing how insecure you are.

    • R.M says:

      Watched all 5 seasons back to back for the first time no decline in quality in my opinion

    • Nemos says:

      @R.M if there was no decline in quality how come the general consensus of the fans suddenly start hating on season 5. That’s fine if you didn’t see a difference but obviously quite the large amount of people did

  4. Superninfreak says:

    Rick leaving tons of destruction in alternate timelines or on other planets he doesn’t care about and Morty trying to secretly fix it because he feels bad is a really interesting idea. Looking forward to this.

    • M C says:

      @James Rozell They’re going to save that lol

    • SarcastiCat says:

      @Ssj9devil Wafer Rick’s portal wasn’t faulty liquid though, it was just a booby-trapped portal location meant to kill him, but he sent the other Rick through instead.

      The soda portal fluid seems to work harmlessly so far, just that it creates a nowhere portal (since the guy’s hand wasn’t connected to anything previously and he was using it as a stash, like a personal pocket dimension maybe?) and that it will auto-connect two lime soda portals if a second one is made I guess

      ALSO I wonder if Rick marking the fluid level means he was suspicious about Morty using the portal gun. How long has he been doing this? Why does Rick ever leave that thing unattended anyway, isn’t it always in his coat?

    • Ssj9devil says:

      @SarcastiCat he’s left it unattended a couple of times like in The a indicators when he was blackout drunk and he left it in the bathroom with a bunch of puke. Honestly that’s the only one that comes to mind so many not multiple times but maybe he’s done it in some other episodes I don’t remember.

    • Blueeyed Drago says:

      @Indifference101 I’m guessing that after that and the sperm incidents are what made Morty more responsible.

  5. Zachary Bartolo says:

    So THAT’S what he was using the gun for? To clean up Rick’s messes? That’s . . . weirdly big of Morty. I’ll give him credit for that, though considering his track record for helping people it might blow up in his face. Still though, appreciate the effort.

  6. renji90998 says:

    I thought Morty was just fucking around with the portal gun, but really he was cleaning up all of Rick’s shit

  7. Tiago Lemos says:

    At least Morty’s actions and reason for using the Portal gun are less selfish than I initially thought.

  8. Christopher Scotts says:

    Well, “Die Mr Cookie President” definitely is not how I expected this episode to start.

    Its also a nice surprise to see Morty was using the portal gun to fix collateral damage from Rick’s adventures, from the sneak peek I thought he was just having fun or doing selfish things

    • Jillybot says:

      I dunno, this feels like a misdirect, or that it will blow up in his face.

      Morty is seldom informed enough to be making considered decisions; who’s to say the cookie president wasnt a dictator and Rick had armed the freedom fighters to limit the death toll.

      So Morty came in, well intended, but ruined their liberation/assassination, misunderstanding the method required to ensure the requisite “cookie freedom” without Rick to guide him?!

    • NEO says:

      @Jillybot the cookie president was actually joe Biden and morty is now antifa. Rick is a proud trump supporter 🇺🇸

    • Jillybot says:

      @NEO I just said dictator, seems you might have ascribed that to Trump… but if the shoe fits…

      In any case, main point is to say Morty won’t likely know the political reality there when he swoops in and makes a change, that kind of infantalising authority is how you get situations like US interference in Vietnam; or two decades of Afghanistan, which is still being mismanaged.

    • Gakot Lol says:

      @NEO no. The cookie Taliban would be Bidens allies. The cookie president is Trump

  9. maxi says:

    suddenly the added context as to why Morty was messing around with ricks portal gun adds a whole new level to it and I’m interested to see where it goes

  10. Jonah McCraw says:

    “Morty cleans up the mess left behind by Rick, but things get out of hand.”

    I see what you did there.

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