Rick and Morty | Season 7 Official Trailer | adult swim

Rick and Morty | Season 7 Official Trailer | adult swim

This is not a hologram. Rick and Morty Season 7 premieres October 15th @ 11pm on [adult swim].

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Rick and Morty | Season 7 Official Trailer | adult swim

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47 Responses

  1. Tianna Spence says:

    I think Rick’s voice sounds more mellow, not necessarily rough and drunk or condescending like he usually sounds. Morty, I couldn’t tell a difference, just sounds a lot more confident which matches his character growth. Should be interesting to see

  2. Out of Mind says:

    I’m stoked for it. Voices are VERY close and morty actually sounds like he’s a bit older or something so it works imo.

  3. Geoff says:

    It’s crazy how they got Jerry’s voice so perfect

  4. Camunon says:

    When he does the low voice, it’s seamless. When he tries doing a higher tone, then I can tell the difference.
    And Morty’s is just spot-on all the way.

    Honestly, could be worse lol

  5. Rip Skiddly says:

    Morty is a tad squeaky and Rick sounds like he needs a cough drop, but they still totally knocked it out of the park. Can’t wait to see what the show brings moving forward!!

  6. AdirondackBuzzard says:

    Whoever they got to do the voices are much better than I expected to hear. If you listen, you can hear some subtle differences, but not as much as I thought there would be. They are very, very close.

  7. Lelouch#6999 says:

    The voice isn’t as bad as I thought after watching the trailer twice it’s 70% Rick’s voice and 30% off I’m glad Morty’s voice is 100% accurate

    • Daily says:

      to me morty sounds slightly older and not as squeaky as he used to be but maybe i just hear it wrong

    • Derek Morgan says:

      Honestly I got the opposite, ricks was more accurate and mortys was slightly off to me. Just goes to show how well they did picking the new va

    • SnOc says:

      A 10% off for Morty I’d say

    • User says:

      For me ricks was almost completely accurate and morty sounded slightly younger, i guess our minds can do tricks when we expect the change.

    • Withnail and Die says:

      Mortys voice is like 80/20. It is absolutely not 100 percent accurate. “Your making a big mistake”, “what do you say rick, fly through space” those lines and a few others are super off

  8. Anonamiss says:

    His yelling just sounds like a louder version of his normal voice, it desperately needs that high pitched enthusiasm/energy the old rick had, its one of my favorite things 😢

    • BronzeBendy says:

      He reverted back to season 1 rick

    • Thierry Fontaine says:

      It’s high pitched enough, what it needs is that raspiness Roiland’s voice had. and to be a bit lower when he yells

    • Anonamiss says:

      @thierryfontaine89  well he has his angry yelling and then he has his happy/excited slightly unhinged yelling, but yeah I agree

    • vesperlsd says:

      i feel like as time goes on the new voice actor will get there,, kinda like how roiland grew into ricks character. of course theyll never sound identical but its close

    • Matt Maas says:

      ​@thierryfontaine89 when I listen to the new Rick, it actually sounds too low and not excited enough when he brings out the spaghetti

  9. PyroHP2 says:

    better than i thought they would sound, good job adult swim

    • what the fuck says:

      should’ve brought justin back tbh

    • Bobby Shewan says:

      @what the fucknah Justin’s a weirdo, it’s not that big a deal that he isn’t here

    • Mask on2Fite says:

      ​@Bobby Shewan yeah but bad people can make beautiful art man, his voices were great and full of life and I’m sure he added tons to the writing of the show, a chunk will be missing.

      Also wasn’t the case with Justin dismissed? Not to say he’s innocent but he’s also not proven guilty, me may have said some weird stuff but that’s not enough to get cancelled over… this entire show has weird stuff from his mind

    • Rumble Ryan says:

      ⁠@Bobby ShewanWow, fans are bootlicking him while wokists are hating or canceling him, I can’t believe it 😂

  10. graefx says:

    I caught some season 1 episodes and realized how much the voices and performances have developed over the years so to me this is just another step in that growth. The new voices will come into their own and will find what works best for them

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