Rick and Morty | The (Fake) Vat of Acid | HBO Max

Rick and Morty | The (Fake) Vat of Acid | HBO Max

Rick’s trade with intergalactic gangsters inevitably goes wrong. The backup plan? Create a vat of “acid” with fake bones and breathing equipment so he and Morty can fake their own deaths! #RickAndMorty

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Rick and Morty | The (Fake) Vat of Acid | HBO Max

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43 Responses

  1. Comical Realm Animations says:

    This episode was hands down the best episode of the season in my opinion. Sad, funny and teaches a valuable life lesson.

  2. Ren Ranger 2 says:

    I think both Rick and Morty where in the right in this one. A fake vat of acid is definitely an original and unique idea that would be successful in theory. The problem was they were attempting to trick a pretty stubborn group.

    • Ohlourdes Padua says:

      @Ren Ranger 2 No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy?

    • Evolutional Blades says:

      @aaa sht Mobsters who occasionally need remains “verified” on short, discreet, notice.

    • Evolutional Blades says:

      @Tyler Worsham They were a gang of murderous mobsters. They dispose of bodies for a living. Do you genuinely think that they wouldn’t have prior experience melting down bodies? The vat of acid idea works really well if you have an escape tunnel because your pursuers won’t follow you immediately. It’ll buy you time to escape. Rick should have had an escape tunnel, not 2 boxes of bones.

    • aaa sht says:

      @Evolutional Blades sound more like a headache. Like you gotta appreaciate them being so careful into making sure. But COME OON lol

  3. Francis Fatta says:

    I still think season 2 is the best season, but this episode *(along with Morty’s mind blowers)* is probably my favorite episode of the entire show

  4. MC_Axolotl says:

    Kinda sweet how Morty saved the rat by giving it the oxygen tube.

  5. Hiro Pisku says:

    Leave it to Rick and Morty to get into a stupidly absurd situation, have that situation continue for awhile before then shooting up the place.

  6. Henry says:

    Easily the best rick and morty joke. Rick is at his best when his idiotic ideas are streched to their limits not when he is a badass god who has no weakness.

  7. Yusuf Khoja says:

    even though this wasn’t a half-bad idea it’s not up to par with ricks other ideas, i think morty is right to be cocky

  8. Random Youtube Guy says:

    Funny how Morty is trying to save that rat and seconds later just throwing it at them.

  9. The Chosen One says:

    I was hoping the whole episode was going to be them in the vat of acid and the gangsters talking

  10. mas8705 says:

    “The world will know when I try and hurt you.”

    Well, he wasn’t lying. But in fairness, Morty did that to himself.

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