Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

Rick may get all the attention, but Morty is just as essential to Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Here are the reasons why #MortyMatters and why it’s perfectly okay to be a Morty. Check out the wonderful merch at https://www.SchwiftRickGear.com
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79 Responses

  1. Vicente Ortega Rubilar says:

    Oh gee screenprism. This lo…looks like a in..interesting video…oooh yiiiii

  2. caryh8 says:

    I hope you guys do more Game of thrones videos!

  3. Alina Ryfka says:

    Who would eat their child??? Just give them a quick death and a proper burial geeezz.

  4. Patrick Hogan says:

    The answer is don’t think about it.

    • Elmithian says:

      Patrick Hogan The answer is to embrace it and be happy there are so many things we don’t understand.

      Undying optimist ahoy! 😛

  5. ScreenPrism says:

    Check out the wonderful merch at https://www.SchwiftRickGear.com
    Support ScreenPrism on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7792695
    Subscribe to keep up with our latest videos, and let us know what you want to see next!

  6. radappletv says:

    Morty is my favorite character

  7. Slaughter Round says:

    No, we do not want a Pickle Rick tshirt. We aren’t _that_ normie!

  8. Slaughter Round says:

    [Comment that kisses ScreenPrism’s ass just to get likes]

  9. Rick and Morty says:

    To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand ScreenPrism

  10. Banks says:

    i need more evil morty in my life

  11. This Motherfocka says:

    Funny that being emotionally intelligent I care more about him than I do for Jerry. With Beth being like her father, Morty is more like his father in that matter (Jerry helping Beth in season 3’s finale instead of taking advantage of her, for example). Summer is more like a 50-50, I love her, and Jerry really grew on me this last season. Great analysis, as always!

    • empty sky says:

      This Motherfocka jerry grew on you this season?? I thought he was more insufferable in season 3 then ever before, except for the finale. Which sucks cos I love his dynamic with rick (probably why they decided that the divorce storyline was a mistake and made everything back to how it used to be in the end)

    • ChevaliersEmeraude says:

      empty sky They didn’t brought them back together because they though the divorce was a bad idea, they brought him back ’cause it was, you know, the plan! Let me remind you that the divorce itself occurs in season 3 as well, in the very first episode. When Jerry asks Beth to basically choose between Rick and him. And while at first she chooses Rick, in the end, after the story arc end, she actually chooses Jerry, even asking Rick to “just go away”, thus making Rick admit defeat for the first time ever. That was the whole point of the season actually, to make Rick suffer a defeat; not one of power, but one of values.

    • empty sky says:

      ChevaliersEmeraude I don’t get how that was the plan when it made no sense! It made the whole story arc kinda pointless and unnecessary. In fact the last episode altogether felt very rushed and badly executed. I get what they were trying to do but they could have done it in a different way imo

    • izcrafty says:

      Yeah Jerry’s a good guy but fuck Jerry 🤣

    • Jenya March says:

      I still think that this is clone Beth, and I fully expect “our” Beth to kick down the front door and start fucking shit up Rick-style at some point lol

  12. BenjaminWeaver says:

    oo wee

  13. Grandsome says:

    Morty’s stuttering might also be a sign of his intelligence, I think I’ve read somewhere that one of the cause of stuttering, other than anxiety, is that their face muscles can’t keep up with their possibly very fast brains.

    • Ti My says:

      Face muscles?

    • empty sky says:

      You guys do know that we have facial muscles……right? Around 40 in fact. Just saying. Its not like this theory is completely outlandish. (Especially because as someone who stutters sometimes, it does feel like your mouth is moving too slowly for your brain to get thoughts across) (((disclaimer: not saying I’m a genius bc I stutter- I know I’m not. But I might be bc I watch Rick and Morty 😉)))

    • Brandi Brown says:

      As a person with ADHD I can confirm it’s entirely possible for your mouth not to be able to keep up with your brain.

    • traveler 7 says:

      Grandsome I always stutter sooooooo

    • undertakersarmpit says:

      is that why I only stutter when i’m high?

  14. naijahijabi says:

    Nice 👍🏾

  15. Tunčíku Miláčku says:

    He matters because the show is called ”Rick AND Morty” not ”Rick”…

  16. Jacqueline Gutierrez says:

    I love Morty. He’s one of my favorite characters of my existence. I’m Morty . I’ll keep growing. And so will my heart.

  17. Bingo Bango says:

    What is it you get when you combine Rick & Morty? An Evil Morty.

  18. theOWLprince 98 says:

    Loved this video. I’ve always identified with Morty than with Rick. He’s still a great character but Morty just felt like more of a relatable character that represented the heart of the show. Excellent!

  19. Eduardo Kopik says:

    meanwhile in a citadel protest


  20. Wallace Avin says:

    You can be a Rick. You can be a Morty. But whatever you do, never be a Jerry.

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