Rick and Morty x Wendy’s [ad]

Rick and Morty x Wendy’s [ad]

Things are starting to get a little out of hand.

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56 Responses

  1. DarkJ33 says:

    “Get Wendy’s breakfast before Wendy’s breakfast gets you”
    Duolingo: Are you challenging me?

  2. KJ Iyere says:

    You’ve gotta love how Morty’s parkour ability ranged from episode to episode

    • Jonathan Herrera says:

      Different morty i think. Looks like hes one that can be purchase at the store. Look at the axe at the beginning.

  3. Itz Jojo says:

    Who else thought the episode was confusing as heck!

    • Edmond Dantès says:

      I think they were trying to hard. Probably catch more details with more views, but this might be my least favorite episode in the series so far.

    • George Brown says:

      Nah it was just a “meta” asl episode 😂. I feel like it was dope towards the end especially when you didn’t know when it’s over.

  4. The Mindset says:

    “Run and get Wendy’s breakfast before Wendy’s breakfast gets you” Dude that should be their new slogan

  5. picklejuice says:

    “Run and get Wendy’s breakfast, *before Wendy’s breakfast gets you.* “

  6. Astro Robinson says:

    Summer: Where’s Morty?

    Rick: Uhhh i left him at Wendy’s

    • auzziegamerfan says:

      @Zenigundam Bro, you need to chill. I loved classic Toonami too, but Rick and Morty are not your enemies.

    • Jesus Christ Is The Answer says:

      auzziegamerfan it’s more Rick makes Morty scared

    • GXGE says:

      @Zenigundam *doesnt like rick and morty* *clicks on rick and morty ad* get off youtube lol maybe pbs kids app would be more your speed

    • auzziegamerfan says:

      @Jesus Christ Is The Answer What does that have to do with the comment I was responding to though?

    • oscar cool12345 says:

      @Zenigundam I love me a good toonami but rick and morty wtf like it airs at Sunday plus it’s not even accociated with *ANIME*
      and plus if your angry at them go email them or some shit and dont blame it on Rick and morty you boomer

  7. Sven Servette says:

    I’m sold. I hope one of the sandwiches can turn into a pickle. That would be the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

    • Johnny Vivic says:

      In reality their breakfast kind of sucks, tried it before work one morning and I definitely prefer a McMuffin. But it was mainly because I couldn’t eat it in my car very well. That’s a big deal for me.

    • Beetlejuice says:


      *Tips Fedora


    • FIRE says:

      these opinions are trash. haters who are ignorant of the show focus sooooo much on the pickle. you focus on the pickle more than you focus on pickle irl. it’s a plot device used to show that rick can get himself in and out of any situation with his genius, a little help from the big man, and also a little bit of therapy. Which is why he turned into a pickle in the first place. So he could get out of going to a family therapy session. Little did he know his daughter would spite him an doom him to a vinegary death for trying to avoid it. At the end of the episode it’s okay because they go get drinks and forget about their kids problems because they are absolved of their shitty parenthood by attending a single dysfunctional therapy session.

      See, when you replace the pickle with, idk, anything that you would do to get out of anything you don’t want to do, then it’s an entirely realistic and home hitting message being sent.

      Like i just wonder how many people who hate on the show have actually watched the show. like if you’re just gonna say “her derrppp pickle stupid” then you’re obviously missing an important piece to the puzzle.

  8. Snowflakes triggered is free entertainment. says:

    To the people complaining Rick & Morty being a sellout. Your boos means nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.

  9. The new Creator says:

    “Run and get Wendy’s breakfast before the breakfast gets you.” WHAT lol

  10. Tony Rodriguez says:

    Rick and Morty in a Wendy’s breakfast commercial.

  11. Ducky the Great says:

    Rick: “Don’t look over too fast.” Morty: Stares and talks loudly

  12. Sam Weth says:

    I think we’ve reached peak capitalism when brands present themselves as the bad guys yet still ask you to buy them.

  13. Sean Got Gjally says:

    The evolution of advertisements: Requests>Advice>Demands>Threats

  14. Kyle Davis says:

    Morty: Do they really need us to advertise their stuff? I feel like they are so good they’d sell themselves.
    Rick: Exactly Morty! I try to tell them that every time but…Oh shit! They caught up! RUN!!!

  15. Velcranox Naziri says:

    “Get Wendy’s breakfast before Wendy’s breakfast gets you”

    *First you had my curiosity, now you have my attention*

    • Bean gasious says:

      This warning was…… far too late……

      That breakfast sandwich is holding my wife and kids…….
      All I’ve done for 3 days is order breakfast! Please! They’re innocent in all this!

    • Vandarte Freelancer - Translator says:

      @Bean gasious Dear god…

    • Welcome to Hideout says:

      @Bean gasious They are converting your family to the breakfast side. You cannot stop the deals from Wendy’s!

  16. Atomic Mayhem says:

    The sad thing is I really want Wendy’s right now.

  17. Chernøbyl says:

    “Get wendy’s breakfast before wendy’s breakfast gets you” Sounds like a russian thing

  18. Demi says:

    I’ve never had Wendy’s, so I guess they’re coming for me. Someone call Krombopulous Michael.

  19. Phillip V. says:

    Morty: Rick are you gonna sacrifice me just to get advertisement money?

    Rick: Yes.

  20. Sebastian Uparela says:

    This guy turned himself into a burger funniest shit i have ever seen

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