Rick Ross Unpacks Stories From His Book, Talks Nicki Minaj, Port Of Miami 2 + More

Rick Ross Unpacks Stories From His Book, Talks Nicki Minaj, Port Of Miami 2 + More

Rick Ross drops by to tell us all we need to know about his latest album, Port of Miami 2. The rapper also reacts to Nicki Minaj calling him out on the Joe Budden podcast.

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Rick Ross Unpacks Stories From His Book, Port Of Miami 2 + More

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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68 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Adams says:

    I forget how much I actually like him til I see him lol.

  2. God's Child says:

    Rick Ross always does a dope interview. This guy is up there with the best of them.

  3. Wig Splitta says:

    Everytime he says HATE he makes sure we hear the ATE

  4. Stephon Foster says:

    “It’s a lot of people eating some of rozay n don’t even know it” ???

  5. Mr. J Random says:

    I will most definitely be watchin this interview. Oh most definitely.

  6. Jason Babilonia says:

    2019 the jokes has stopped, ross is winning facts?

    • Ralph Hayes says:

      Ball Out bro shit & ppl evolve we just letting rozay smell his roses while he here ??‍♂️

    • c says:

      Ralph Hayes its kinda both. Some people change their minds on a person, but a lotta people still be fake. Just go along with whatever the majority opinion is

    • bossgmane says:

      Well, i guess its not a joke. These are facts. Ross is fake, Ross can rap better than many, ross got money. Regular industry supported rapper promoting drug kingpin shit. He is the joke. You consume the joke and relish it

    • ///AMG says:

      Ross is a actor dude isn’t believable nigga was a correction officer

    • smoothcollected says:

      Ball Out it’s not fake. It’s just that the haters realized that no one cares and they stopped trying to hate
      Now all you have left are his fans

  7. Timothy Jacobs says:

    Real talk, if you been to Miami, you know he not lying about how much money is really out there.

    Now, how ‘clean’ the money actually is….well, thats a different story LOL

    • Riste Kostadinov says:

      But his name is stollen from actual drug dealer so he is character, i don’t belive he is street hustler. 50 exposed him as a cop. With that being said i love his art, but he is fake personality.

    • Stating the Obvious says:

      He should know I mean he was a correctional officer who oversaw a lot of the incarcerated king pins which is where he adopted his personality and material.

    • Sarah Kanyion says:

      @Cell Phone was 5yyuvukjj

    • YS Entertainment says:

      Most of the money are dirty af, but still money tho.

    • Joshua McRae says:

      Lived in Miami for 5 years. I’ve never seen so much black owned money in my life. Ross ain’t lying about that. It’s some real money down there. I remember going to a yard party IN THE HOOD for the dude’s mom bday. I they had tents up. Went in the tent and I never seen so many Moet and Cristal bottles in one place in my life.

  8. Garrett Jones says:

    “She is a keeper until you find out otherwise” lol

    • ZionAmariTV says:

      That was real tho, lol

    • Mark 1:15 says:

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    • Roshay Erving says:

      I felt that!!People are not worthy!

    • Nkosinathi Sithole Jobe says:

      I died ???

    • Ashley Crystal says:

      Time stamp?

  9. BetterBodyMotivation says:

    “Thank you for the cars Ross”

    Ross – ?


  10. EXCESS NETWORK says:


  11. Chocolate Thunder Cherry says:

    I gotta get Ricky Rozay book I’m trying to get my family out the mud and onto marble most definitely ????

  12. Mike M. says:

    “…hating is when you ain’t even in the game!” FACTS!!

  13. Nasty Nate says:

    Real Talk, Ross been poppin since Port of Miami back in ’06! His consistency is on another level?

  14. Ade Vanderhorst says:

    “Most DEFINITELY” – Ross

  15. Corey Speed says:

    “I like to see lions run down DEEERRSS and stuff like that!!”

  16. Olboync24 says:

    Damn he named 2 notch rd in Columbia SC lol say less ????

  17. Kendrick Grady says:

    Ross makes me wanna upgrade my bucket hat lol.

  18. Steven Taylor says:

    Charlemagne ask the questions and make the comments that mfs are scared to. Period

  19. Jason Layup says:

    “You getting to the money, I can see it in your smile. Congratulations.”
    ? I am definitely using that one.

    I wanna personally thank you ALL. I NEVER got these many likes. Woaahhh 342 likes? Mannnn thank you EVERYBODY.

    • Eddieohh !! says:

      Jason Layup you made it!

    • Slayton701 says:

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    • Hype King says:

      That was one of the smoothest recoveries EVER because he did just tell a woman she was putting on weight. He meant it as a compliment but he still smoothed it out nicely with that line. I’ll be stealing it as well

    • Jesse Lombard says:

      dude there likes go for 327 dollars

    • Jason Layup says:

      All YALL lit. Thank you.

  20. Abia Borico says:

    Summer of 05 in Atlanta every vehicle that you saw was playing Young Jeezy.

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