Rick’s Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Rick’s Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

Morty injects himself with Rick’s downloaded brain and learns Rick’s tragic backstory.
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Rick’s Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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50 Responses

  1. FakerUp says:

    This backstory actualy make sense!

    • Sorcha Sorley says:

      @ThisNameIsBanned yeah he can do that now but this is back before he figured out the portal gun. He wasn’t a god yet.

    • Resukio Tusakya says:

      @Nick the original beth is dead so they were prop clones or he went to a different reality were they were alive and killed that rick and took over so it could have been that marriage he was talking about not his original marriage or it could have just been him not wanting to accept the fact that his real wife and daughter died and altered his memory with a fake version plus as you watch the ep when we first see the original beth and her mom die rick denies the fact it was real but later on we see a younger version of him self say you are living with your dead daughter who is only just a clone so rick could have just altered his memory and surprised that memory in the back of his mind never wanting to forget or remember it

    • I'm Speshal says:

      @N my theory is we’ve been watching different realities of rick and morty. Notice how when they’re talking to evil morty each of the episodes we’ve seen (or well some of them) are shown in the different dimensions where rick is the smartest.

    • Jared Young says:

      Did anyone else realize that when “Rick “ returned home, the house is post teleported.

    • Bill Casey says:

      @Run forest Run He doesn’t get back with Diane in any of the universes where she lived, suggesting their marriage was doomed to eventually fall apart.

  2. SummerTime678 says:

    Poor Rick. He lost his wife and daughter, went on a multiversal murder spree to find their killer (an alternate version of himself), and eventually just gave up after years of failing to find the Rick responsible. After being put through all of that, it’s no wonder he is the way he is now.

  3. Vailskibum94 says:

    Would be interesting to see the Rick that killed his family again, as a new ultimate villain for the series

  4. ILoveKimPossibleAlot says:

    I can’t believe you guys actually named the video that :,(

  5. Alen Asenie says:

    I just realizes one thing, “where he is the smartest one in the multiverse”, that is c137, not necessarily all Ricks, so the tick that killed his family might be outside the central finite curve, makes sense taking into consideration how he outsmarted him in the beginning and how he evaded him all that time, if c137 was the leader at some point he could have easily checked all the other ones in the citadel, so it is possible.

    • Toxic Lightning says:

      @androkguz He could both exist outside the CFC and be the smartest in his universe

    • Jim BimBum says:

      @Toxic Lightning no cause the morty had a device that’d scan for rick. if he was outside that curve then he’d know.

    • Al Schroder says:

      @Toxic Lightning How could he? Because any universe outside of the CFC Rick isn’t the smartest person in, so that’s a contradiction for sure..

    • Toxic Lightning says:

      @Al Schroder No the CFC is where every universe has Rick as the smartest man, that’s not to say Rick can’t be the smartest in a universe outside the CFC

    • Darius Cole says:

      The finite curve doesn’t get made till rick builds the citadel. Rick had been outside it for years. Him living with Beth is more like a retirement home with the only people rick actually likes. This makes all the more sense why he doesn’t like jerry. His timelines that he based himself in are natural settings for beth and Jerry to get together. The proof is in ticks reaction to jerry. If their meeting wasn’t Jerry’s fault then Rick wouldn’t hate him. Cause it wouldn’t have a point.

  6. tensuzanpakto says:

    The saddest thing about this scene is the revelation that Rick never wanted any of this.

    Portal technology, sci-fi adventures, intergalactic quests and conflict; he wasn’t interested. He was forced into it for revenge, and he was unable to have even that. He isn’t a drunk shitty person by nature. He became this person from a lifetime of loss and failure.

    • S says:

      And it makes us realize the reason nothing matters to him is not because of some grand intellectual ‘we are just small temporary meatbags in a vast space’ reason but because what mattered to him is already gone

    • † SurgDexil Long Video Edition † says:

      He already lost the one thing he cared about. Is no wonder he’s in great pain. Being the “Father who abandoned Beth” (quotations because his real family died) and he lives his life taking the responsibility of a life he never even choose to be in.

      Which makes the scene where him and mordy move into another family and him seem unaffected give a much more deeper meaning to it when you think about it.

    • not gus says:

      Makes sense why he abandoned Beth as wel

    • Aaron Jay Adriano says:

      @not gus He never abandoned Beth, his Beth died and he just took the place of a Rick who actually did abandon her.

    • Darius Cole says:

      He’s talking about the earth rick ruined.

  7. Gonk Droid says:

    This really cleared up a lot of things. Like in the episode where ricks were getting killed, and they said it fit c-137’s profile. It also made sense when rick said that he cant universe jump multiple times, because only some ricks had this happen to them

    • Diddy says:

      that’s what I love about this episode, it cleared the air and made a lot of small moments throughout the series that were thought to never be touched again on all connected

    • carlos mendoza says:

      They even mentioned the central finite curve in that particular scene, but none of us had idea what that really meant

    • Sly Seal says:

      ​@carlos mendoza that’s actually been a pretty well understood explanation for why all universes we see roughly look similar. Definitely not something the writers just came up with on their own.

    • Kyle Yuen says:

      ‘We can do this like 2 or 3 more times’ -Rick when morty messed with squirrels and went to a new universe

  8. John Hein says:

    So when Rick looked visibly upset revisiting his “fake backstory” he wasn’t just acting, the shit was actually painful to revisit and watch again.

  9. The Young Gun says:

    “Because Ricks hate themselves the most” means so much more now.

    • Carter Gomez says:

      Like a boss!

    • Jakob Rose says:

      Think about it. That Rick who took (at the time) “Good Rick’s” family is the catalyst for all of this destruction. They no doubt hate him more than C-137, ergo, themselves.

      C-137 was the hero and the Rick other Rick’s aspired to be. Further proof is the sadness the one Rick who rebelled had for “Simple Rick” and his anger at Simple Rick’s death via portal gun.

      This Rick (C-137) does have a genuine desire to be good and do the right thing but is so damaged, broken, and desensitized.

    • Hannah Popritkin says:

      I thought the same thing when I watched the premier

  10. Everyday Commentator says:

    I just realised the saddest part is this Rick was alone for a large part of his life. Beth, Summer and Morty are the family that he never had.

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