Ricky Gervais: Hosting The 2018 Golden Globes Would’ve Ended My Career

Ricky Gervais: Hosting The 2018 Golden Globes Would’ve Ended My Career

‘Child Support’ star Ricky Gervais was jealous of Seth Meyers’ opportunity to host an especially important Golden Globes ceremony.

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100 Responses

  1. barmyb says:

    Ricky Gervais is such a great guest

  2. Scotty says:

    British Office > American Office

  3. A Cat Called Astrid says:

    i was actually thinking the other day how ricky gervais couldn’t have hosted this year’s golden globes because of how seriously all the celebrities were taking themselves

    • Talking Movies says:

      idk, I think Stephen usually does a great job, but some interviews he only has 10-12 minutes and they give him like 5 topics to discuss. His interviews are usually much better when it’s those 10-12 minutes with just 1 or 2 topics of discussions. But here they clearly wanted him to talk about 1. his weight, 2. hosting the golden globes, 3. the game show, 4. god, 5. his netflix special… whenever his interviews feel scripted or rigid I put most of the blame on the producers.

    • TAR ICO says:

      Exactly. GG planners knew they were gonna address all the sexual accusations sans trials, and they were gonna 4sure address it in a “We’re the good guys, let’s continue the witch hunt against the baddies” manner, and Ricky would be like Binky the Clown amid their sanctimonious bull. So he couldn’t host. I watched part of Seth hosting; pure crap. Pure crapola.

    • Agilemind says:

      +Talking Movies, it was probably a compromise because Ricky seemed to want to talk about his weight and his netflix special, but Steven wanted to talk about god and the golden globes.

    • Holographic Marlon Brando says:

      A Cat Called Astrid yeah you’re definitely wrong. think about the kind of year 2017 was. there was a lot of heavy shit going on. it was a rough year for everyone. the golden globes needed someone who could make lighthearted comedy about that not a realist like gervais who’s gonna roast everyone and make taboo jokes. i think the people who runs the globes made the right decision. its not a matter of people taking themselves too seriously, its about celebrities going through a lot of shit (as with pretty much every american citizen in 2017) and not wanting a pessimistic brit’s take on what was a devastating year. we needed someone light and not too intense like meyers to smooth things over.

    • Obscure Entertainment says:

      TheCalvin Most celebrities are treating pats on the back as sexual assault.

  4. Jonathan Hermansson says:

    why does America censor fingers…

  5. martinaee says:

    That laugh can never not make me also laugh.

  6. kairosch says:

    I love it when they make each other laugh.

  7. Anton Tati says:

    Seth did great job but damn would’ve I loved to see Ricky destroy everyone.

  8. Nico Veenkamp says:

    Ricky, the ultimate unfiltered comedian. Great guy.

    • Eric Paloheimo says:

      Jimmy Norton is pretty good att riffing terrible stuff

    • Nico Veenkamp says:

      Thanks for all the good suggestions. My favorite amongst them still is Carlin. This guy is the best in social commentary IMHO.

    • Eric Paloheimo says:

      Oooh and Patrice O’Neil RIP was brutal !!! Check his input on rape jokes on a discution panel ” Patrice O’neil destroys Feminist” is the tag

    • Asmodeus says:

      Well there’s Jimmy Carr, and then there’s Sean Locke who once said children’s plays should stop because the children doing them were bad actors. For American comedians there’s Burr, though he’s mellowed out a bit with him having a family now. George Carlin, motherfucker saw through everything and laid it on thick that he knew, sadly he’s not here anymore.

    • Nico Veenkamp says:

      BTW guys, thanks for all the great suggestions. I have a couple of names I need to check out. Sadly we hardly have this kind of satire anymore in The Netherlands although Arjen Lubach tries his best.

  9. baryam11 says:

    i love their conversations

  10. Dominick Sabatino says:

    10:20 Shows how brilliant and aware Ricky Is, he knows the segment is coming to an end so uses that question as chance to plug his upcoming special.

  11. charley15z says:

    I kinda wished he hosted it just to see how many people he would have offended. Especially curious how he would have tackled all the MeToo stuff. He probably would have been way funnier than Meyers.

  12. NJOverclocked says:

    God, I fuckin love Ricky so much

    • aralitra says:

      One genuinely funny guy!

    • EQ-smoove says:

      No one will ever prove that God exists or describe God correctly because God exists OUTSIDE of time and space. Humans only exist in relation to time and space. A MATERIAL man cannot define a SPIRITUAL “being” correctly. He can create a God in his mind for religious purposes but he will never know God while being physically alive.

    • Lord Canti says:

      EQ-smoove the Bible was clearly written by human beings trying to rationalize a world outside their understanding and lay down rules to control people. It’s why the Old Testament has an entire chapter of laws. I think this is what most people who say god doesn’t exist mean, god as written in ancient scriptures certainly does not exist. He never spoke to man, Jesus wasn’t god in human form, it’s all bullshit. Maybe there is some god out there but religion is so clearly bullshit the only people who cling to it are morons and people who were brainwashed by it as children. Watch bill burrs religion skit it’s really true to life how he talks about him feeling his religion about a baby moon walking on water made sense while everyone else’s sounded dumb, and how he eventually had to let it go.

    • potato head says:

      He is my fucking inspiration

    • alejandro L. says:

      The way he inserted a promo about his special on netflix made me laugh out loud. He’s a sharp guy.

  13. James Burgess says:

    “Do you think about if God is real?”
    “Oh yea, I think about him everyday.”
    “Oh yea?”
    “Yea, he’s not.”

    I fucking love Ricky Gervais 😂😂😂

    • wimpow says:

      My father died one week ago. In the last years, I was quite worried, as his health was deteriorating he started saying things like “God bless you” (he always was an atheist).
      Luckily, just one day before his death, he was asked if he was allergic to something and he answered “Yes, priests. And please, when I die don’t bury me in a christian cemetery, throw my ashes somewhere, I don´t care”.

    • Bill Garthright says:

      Yeah, that was great. I’m nearly 67, and my diet isn’t much better than Donald Trump’s, so I’m a lot closer to death than Ricky Gervais is, I’m sure. And there have been times when I’ve definitely been in fear for my life.

      But praying? That never even occurred to me. To what? I’d be as likely to pray to leprechauns – or to Joe Pesci, maybe – than to a god. Seriously. I’d just think it was silly.

      I was raised Christian. It just never took. I clearly remember believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as a kid, but there was evidence that they existed – not _good_ evidence, as it turned out, but there was never any evidence _at all_ for ‘God.’ Just claims.

      Every single person I knew was a Christian (most still are, to this day), but I knew there were lots of other religions in the world, alive and dead, and no one had any problem disbelieving _them._

      I don’t know. I had a hard time imagining the 21st Century, but I certainly expected that religion would have faded away by now. Well, I was just a kid, so I didn’t know any better, I guess.

      Obviously, people have the right to believe whatever they want. (They will, anyway, regardless of what I say.) But I’d never even _seen_ of another atheist until I was in college, and my friends all said that I was the only atheist they’d ever met. Things are different these days. That’s one of the good changes.

    • whatname1984 says:

      When I was a kid , a long time before figuring out the bible was just a fairy tale , I was absolutely terrified of death , not knowing if I’d end up among the fluffy clouds and singing angels or down in the fiery pits and grinning devils. After I realized the bible was no truer than any other fantasy book , I am no longer afraid. When you die it all stops and , I think , we are all immortal , even if we won’t know about it , since the atoms and molecules of our dead bodies get absored and create other forms of life , from microscopic to plants , worms , birds , etc.

    • potato head says:

      I died hahahahaha

    • Pythus Regius says:

      Bill Garthright yeah that study had to be bunk.

  14. James Burgess says:

    I wish Stephen would stop relying so heavily on scripted questions and have a genuine conversation with a guess, especially guys who are comedians. When they both are relaxed and actively talking, there won’t be any awkward pauses followed by off topic questions.

    • 420apache657 says:

      the publicist decides what the questions are not Stephen

    • Ann Fanky says:

      Have you not seen the Colbert Report? I miss that. Stephen can definitely keep up. This show is not as good 🙁

    • Eika Pumpkin says:

      It really seemed like Stephen wasn’t that happy to have Ricky on. I think it’s also because Stephen is quite religious and Ricky is quite not. And while Ricky doesn’t really mind if other people are religious, I think that Stephen does. One side of the interview was definitely cold and distant.

    • Antonio deCarmoducci says:

      Yawn. yet another naive American mouthing off about something he knows nothing about. you should run for President. If talk shows were unscripted they would be considerably less interesting. Not even the funniest comedians can come up with humorous responses Ad-Lib. In the pre interview Ricky would have asked Stephen to bring up ‘God’ so he could say his joke about watching the Netflix special.

    • Luke Pennings says:

      James Burgess I’d like a third explanat for the tracksuit

  15. Aqib.A.C says:

    Oh God, “You look good.” Have you learned nothing from Jimmy Fallon, Stephen?

  16. Brandon Dollar says:

    Kids are awesome. They’re the ultimate, unfiltered honesty.

    Don’t want any of my own, but it’s funny as hell to hear them riff on things.

    • Eric Burkheimer says:

      Brandon Dollar I hate ’em. My Shih Tzu is all I need. Although I do love my niece, and have yet to meet my nephew. I have no (women say maternal, so I assume I would say) paternal inclination. I don’t understand how men or women say, after having a child, that they are everything to them and love them so much. I just don’t get it. You have to (if you want too be a good parent) to put that child’s needs before your own, and give up your desires and fun for them. That’s bullshit. Nope, I’m a narcissist to that end. At least with my dog Yogi I can leave him home by himself, even for 3 or 4 hours on end, don’t have to buy him clothes, get him involved in leisure or athletic functions that I have to take him to, in 11 years he has only required going to the doctor or hospital maybe 10 times (although a vet visit is probably more costly than a human doctor). But I love that boy more than anything else, the way parents are supposed to love kids. I can’t imagine losing him, in fact I’d rather die first.

      But I could never feel that way for a child. I just don’t understand what parents see in having kids and why they love them so much.

    • zekenkurolyon says:

      Eric Burkheimer it is usually agreed there is a psychological change in people when they have a child. human nature identifies their children as their future and those with narcissistic tendencies often see the children as part of themselves so they become more of a focus for the parent
      So I think anyway, I’m no expert just a guy that likes these conversations

    • Sunshine Hornick says:

      I agree,kids are awesome…that’s one reason I enjoy being around kids is their unfiltered honesty…several years ago a cousin of mine said something to me and I thought it was SO hilarious…I was bending over to put on my shoes,and he said in a matter-of-fact tone “you know,you have a big butt”….I turned around and smiled at him and said “I do don’t I?”….I didn’t get offended because it was true I did have a big butt…I still get a laugh out of that and now he’s a teenager about to graduate high school

    • Melanie Jecker says:

      @Eric Some people aren’t cut out for kids, and there is nothing wrong with you preferring dogs. Even as a teenaged girl, I hated babysitting, when I got older, I took my birth control religiously to prevent an unwanted child. Once I got in my mid 20’s I decided I wanted my own baby, I was just at a place in my life where I wanted that responsibility and experience. I love and dote on my child, but to be honest, I don’t care much for other people’s kids. I’m not mean to them, but I don’t have nurturing feelings towards them either. You sound young, one day you may decide to become a father and IF you do, you will understand immediately the love you feel for your own child. Of course, you’ll love your dog more, because, let’s face it, dogs are cuter..lol.

  17. HeikkiP says:

    I loved The Extras and the british Office

    • Hvítur karlmaður says:

      0 0 There is no way you are a healthy, happy guy. Your life must be total shit for you to go onto youtube and be viciously nasty to people for no reason. I hope you get help for you personal problems, and treatment for your GRIDs.

    • Hvítur karlmaður says:

      0 0 It doesn’t matter if you’re English or not you thicko. A toddler is also English, doesn’t mean it’s an expert on England. You behave exactly like a toddler and everything you’ve said about England is dumb. I know more about England than you, trust me.

    • mani Beer says:

      0 0, You definitely have some serious issues, FFS! You absolute cretin. I am English, London born & bred, and I call myself British, you fucking amoeba. Don’t bother to even attempt to speak for all of us, you clearly are too lacking intellectually and morally to speak for the majority of us BRITISH. Fuck YOU, you angry little FREAK. What the Fuck is your problem? Were you bullied at school, so need to spit your pathetic rage at strangers on youtube? Ha, you’re a laughable degenerate, 0 0

    • Hvítur karlmaður says:

      Hahaha. It’s not even just this comment thread either. He’s been spamming multiple comments with pure rage 😀

    • Dan says:

      It’s called the original office.

  18. 이우가차차우가우가 says:

    As the interview goes Stephen is getting redder and redder.
    Does that mean he likes it or not?

  19. camelshit says:

    Ricky and his charming accent and his even more charming fangs, yeah! 😉

  20. Matteo Castelli says:

    “Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right!”

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