RIDDLES You Must Solve To Survive

RIDDLES You Must Solve To Survive

RIDDLES You Must Solve To Survive ! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment if you got any right answers to the riddles

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39 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    wasssupp friends
    I hope ur having a great Sunday ?

  2. Galaxy Gacha says:

    That moment when you think sssniperwolf is going to react to 7 second riddles and you realise she’s not

  3. dam jk says:

    Two of my friends wanna be detectives and one of the two an FBI agent as well. I used their mindset lmao

  4. Samiha Zarrin Faruqui says:

    Sssniperwolf:What is this? Do police look like eggplant?This is what Ed Sheeran meant when he said I’m in love with the shape of you

  5. Alejandra Gonzalez says:

    You should do where your barista picks your drinks from Starbucks for a week and Try your subscribers favorite starbucks

  6. Kawaii Cystles says:

    You dont need a mirror
    to comb
    To dry
    To straighten
    Or to curl

  7. Night Arts says:

    Elevator one

    Me: I’ll take the stairs or jump out the window.

    Video: the poisonous stuff is the safest

    Me: when it spills out it will kill yall cause it’s still there

    Me: I prefer the stairs


  8. Izzire says:

    I chose elevator 4 because it’s a “Cannibal Tiger” so it means it only eats other tigers ?

  9. Asri Suhaimi says:

    4:28 lolol i can see a leg on the left side on the bottom?

  10. jamilane helbert says:

    Look at 4:28 someone walked away
    That person was like wtf she doing (just walk away just walk away)

  11. Brenda Eno says:

    Godzilla will kill you before you reach the bottom floor…

    Cue the elevator music

  12. Crystal Emoji says:

    I was watching sad vids before this and this cheered me up.

  13. [ŁÏŁŁŸ PÏË] says:

    Round one: right
    The other rounds: …?
    Last round: right

  14. nikoe e says:

    SSSniperwolf you should react to bus fights// they’re really funny

  15. Colette Minton says:

    you should do more videos W/ digital! they’re very funny

  16. Fan Of Anything I watch says:

    Narrator: choose an elevator
    Me: I’ll just take the stairs.

  17. S Nanda says:

    Hey pack leader….can u make a reaction video on the video of the song happier??

    I am 90% sure that you will cry.

  18. Kaylee Truax says:

    When you said it’s like kidnapping girls with peanut allergies I locked my door that’s how paranoid I can be

  19. Cameron Davis says:

    This is how many ppl didn’t survive


    Small youtuber:) ❤️??

  20. Kate Crowe says:

    This dudes goin to court cuz of his f**kn rare tulips? ?

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