Ride-share driver shoots man after he hits girlfriend during early-morning ride | WFTV

Ride-share driver shoots man after he hits girlfriend during early-morning ride | WFTV

A Colorado man is in the hospital after he was shot during a dispute with his ride-share driver in Orange County. DETAILS: https://at.wftv.com/3DcXy1u

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54 Responses

  1. Frankie Jean says:

    I bet he was probably used to hitting on her in public and no one ever did anything until today. The driver shouldn’t face any charges because he was also attacking her! Damn people need to realize you can just act how you want to!

    • Brian Keith Mason says:

      The driver should get a key to the city!

    • Jenaya W says:

      @Dick Tracy she wasn’t being a hero. This man was in her car behind her and he hit her. I’m sorry about your uncle but, it’s not ok to assault the person driving you? A person you don’t know? And clearly this man is an abuser. Like, he’s not shy about beating his girlfriend in public even; you’d think that’s something you’d wanna hide. The man shot deserves what he got and he’s lucky he didn’t just die there. As a Woman with PTSD, im sure the driver was TERRIFIED, and understand that alone is no reason to shoot someone, but, at that point the man was just escalating the situation; hitting both women, charging at the driver. She was a hero in this situation but she was just trying to survive. If she wasn’t supposed to shoot him, what would be the right way to handle this?

    • Medusa Sunshine says:


    • Dick Tracy says:

      My uncle was killed by a woman who was getting her head smashed in by her boyfriend. It’s the most dangerous call for cops . Don’t be a hero

  2. John and Angels World says:

    No she shouldn’t be charged she was protecting herself I would do the same if someone was coming at me and I didn’t feel safe

    • Gaspar Ma says:

      Protecting someone that might be a masochist? That sure not been the first time she gotten hit most likely she she chose that relationship instead of walking away she before she still been wanting that toxic relationship

    • Brandon tanner says:

      @BACHSPHASE TV tbh u just seem like an incel who hates women and u are trying any and everything in ur power to make excuses for this man, even making up whole scenarios that would put the women in the wrong.like u cannot hate women THAT much, are u gay? Did mommy abandon u? Something’s not right in that brain of urs.

    • Brandon tanner says:

      @BACHSPHASE TV people attack people for NO reason all the time, Jesus man ur making me lose braincells. u rode the short bus huh buddy?

    • Brandon tanner says:

      @BACHSPHASE TV what does him being a bf have to do with anything? Being a bf means u don’t assualt people? Like omg u cannot be serious bro 🤣

    • Brandon tanner says:

      @BACHSPHASE TV you sound so fckn stupid omg, can’t believe ppl like u really exist

  3. Tater Tott says:

    I 100% support this ride share drivers decision!

    • Jenaya W says:

      @Terry Johnson I have ptsd from a situation where I sprayed a man directly in his eyes with pepper spray and he just ate that shit. Eyes weren’t even watering. So, carrying just a spray makes me anxious, I’d rather have a weapon tbh. Aim for the legs, he can’t get me if he can’t move.

    • I LIKE BEER says:

      @Pink 🦍 Buddough
      YEAH while the bad guy is distracted
      With the spray (in the eyes), gives me enough time to get my BUCK KNIFE out and
      Into action

    • Pink 🦍 Buddough says:

      @Terry Johnson that sounds toxic but less than lethal

    • DirtyWhiteBoy says:

      @Terry Johnson nah, pansy ass way of doing things. Her way he will be out a lot of money and dealing with a lot more pain than 20 minutes.
      🤣Bullets For Wife Beaters!!!

    • Terry Johnson says:

      A can of Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray would have shut him down and that would be that. I conceal carry every day but also have a can of the wasp spray in my cup holder. It sprays a heavy 20 ft stream and isn’t blown around like pepper spray is. It’s non toxic but makes your eyes water like mad for about 20 minutes so you can’t see at all. The best part is if you happen to get some in your vehicle it evaporates and goes away, Pepper spray will be there forever

  4. Teck Rylee says:

    The fact that a grown man was beating two women and one of them shot him in self-defense is even being considered for charges is ridiculous

    • R P says:

      @Pink 🦍 Buddough what are you talkign about

    • CJ says:

      @Alby Mangles Yep, she couldn’t because she wasn’t actually in the car when she shot him. People just aren’t listening and paying close enough attention to what was said in the video..
      1:34, she ordered him out of the car (she was already outside but the video doesn’t directly say that. Rather it says, “once *they* were out of that SUV, the rear passenger charged at her”.

      This video is also the early release / article. it has been updated since more information has been made available.. Basically, he was beating the girlfriend and had hit her (the driver too) and that is when she stopped the car and she got out (the proper thing to do too for her own safety) and she ordered him out too at which point he got out and then started yelling at her. The girlfriend had gotten out also and jumped between them hoping to stop the argument. At that time, he threw the girlfriend down to the ground and then charged at her (the driver) which is when she shot him.

      Now some might say, well why didn’t she just get right back in and drive off which is a valid question BUT what we dont know (hasn’t been released) is if he had her blocked somehow from being able to do that. By that I mean, If if she got out of the drivers side (obviously) and he got out of the drivers side rear door, he easily could have blocked her from being able to get back in so….

      Plus now that there are more details out, this event goes back to the very beginning of when she picked them up and what happened there to start it all and really, if it is all true the she was truly doing everything she could to protect the girlfriend. And if it is all true (all the events that lead up to the point of the shooting itself), in my honest opinion, I’m mad that she didn’t actually kill him because he doesn’t deserve to be alive (again, this is based on the assumption that all the events are true).

    • Funfactor4 says:

      This is the fucked up world we live in. Even if you act in self defense you still get charged

    • CJ says:

      @JamesFred Kearney She wasn’t in the car when she shot him. According the the report, she stopped the car while he was beating the girlfriend and had hit her and she got out and ordered him to get out. The Girlfriend also got out and the guy started yelling at the driver and the girlfriend stepped in between him and the driver at which time he threw her to the ground and charged the driver which is when the driver shot him.

      If you listen starting at 1:34 of this video, it is clear that they were both outside of the car when the shooting happened. The other part that I added about the girlfriend being outside too and he throwing her to the ground is not in this original story because this is the early version of the news report. It has been updated since then with more information now that the actual police affidavit has been released.

    • Paradise Is Gleaming! says:

      The hate/crime against women has always been horrible but now it’s at an ALL TIME HIGH😣 glad she defended herself and the victim

  5. platinumtaxik1 says:

    As long as everything happened the way they said it happened , NO CHARGES FOR THE DRIVER

    • Geron says:

      @CJ oh well my bad i did not hear that. makes more sense now

    • CJ says:

      @Geron Clearly you did NOT watch, listen and comprehend the chain of events. She told him to get out of the car for starters. She was out of the car and ordered him out of the car and once out, he charged at her which was when she shot him.
      Here, 1:34 LISTEN

    • Culture 25-8 says:

      @donald johnson right it was 100% not her place to possibly kill the man

    • Geron says:

      @CJ she did not need to shoot him tho if she was actually in danger all he did was hit her she should have told him to get out and leave the girl. if he was to do something there i could understand her shooting him

    • CJ says:

      @themadrapper101 Either you are a complete moron and did NOT watch, listen and comprehend what was said including the charges the POS boyfriend is facing OR you condone physical violence against a woman. So which is it, are you a POS just like the BF in this video (who got what he deserved) or just a moron that commented without watching, listening and comprehending what was said?

  6. Chris Mcgee says:

    That’s what needs to happen! People need to defend themselves! It also sends a message to the other morons who think they can do whatever they want!

    • BC Cvmarlo says:

      @Tough Mittens Do you actually think that thugs care about gun laws? Your philosophy only leads to making it harder for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves. That makes it safer and easier for the thugs. Must be a Dem. You only think halfway through pretty much everything.

    • BC Cvmarlo says:

      @JIMBO Ukraine? No. Russia? YES. And YOU.

    • Chris Mcgee says:

      @Tough MittensNo matter how tough gun laws are, people are going to have guns! You have to have guns to defend yourself! Just like the Ukrainian people have to defend themselves from another aggressor like Russia! If they didn’t have guns Russia would take them by force in one day! What part of that dont you understand?

    • JIMBO says:

      @Chris Mcgee Fuck Ukraine

    • Joe says:

      @Abe z maybe to a re-re. now if i was to hurt someone ill just shoot them before they can shoot me. makes perfect sense. criminals always one up.

  7. Concerned patriot. says:

    Don’t see the issue here at all. In fact, good on that ride share driver for carrying a gun and knowing how to defend herself. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

    • Chris W says:

      @Hunter Biden Blows goats You do get that the rideshare driver with a gun was a woman, right?

    • BACHSPHASE TV says:

      I don’t know the full story so I won’t make quick judgment. She’s a woman tho so she’s gotta be telling the truth.

    • e Hayes says:

      To clarify – I believe report states driver was defending suspect’s girlfriend.
      Perhaps, suspect also turned-on driver, after driver tried to stop suspect from harming victim and then driver’s gun pulled out.

    • harleytank says:

      @Hunter Biden Blows goats No don’t need a gun to be a man. But Sometimes you do need a gun to take care of a situation. I suppose you’re a tough guy that can take 15 bullets and still beat somebody up right? LMFAO

    • DirtyWhiteBoy says:

      No issue at all! The only issue I have is that the reporter was ch;ckensh;t enough to even bring it up. Unsubscribed.

  8. ELL OHYOU says:

    There should be NO consideration of charges if she was in fact, protecting herself and the other passenger…
    If those are the facts,
    She is a HERO….

    • not sure says:

      @Frek once he hit the driver he crossed the line. People like this do not deserve to live.

    • Native2458 says:

      I agree but she will be fired from her job as most ride share companies do not allow guns while driving on the apo

    • Frek says:

      @not sure nah i think hitting someone isnt enough to get shot.

    • not sure says:

      @Frek Peoples responses are based off what the news is telling us. Which is that this dude was hitting his girl. The driver told him to stop. His response was to hit the driver. So the driver shot him. This could very well not be the truth. But if it is. Then I think shooting him is justified.

    • harleytank says:

      @Matrix1337 So you don’t know the truth either but here you are stating facts.. Go back down to mommy’s basement and wait for your check little girl.

  9. Amber says:

    She should not be charged. What would’ve happened if she didn’t have that gun? He would’ve attacked her possibly beat her to death?? Good for her. She not only saved the girlfriend, but herself.

    • CJ says:

      @Icewall flatearth Your youtube screen name tells all of us everything we need to know about how much of a moron you are.

      Just like how you are wrong about the earth being flat, you are wrong here too. Go back to your flat earth buddies and discuss you lunacy flat earth and maybe try to create a working model of your fantasy flat.. Oh wait, you guys can’t because its impossible… SMH

    • MY2 Cent says:

      drunk and crazy… look she was trying to get paid and these people are acting stupid.

    • Boris The American says:

      She has no right to shoot the gun.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Based on this report, that’s BS amber.

    • DeLasse says:

      @Icewall flatearth we need more facts but we definitely should not jump to the conclusion of the overwhelming ‘ban guns’ mob who has showed up here to support the woman shooting a man because the man was hitting a woman… Anti war pacifists last week, pro war with Russia this week. Pro free speech last week, silence anyone who questions the government narrative this week. Gotta fucking love the hypocrisy of these people. And they think everyone should change, be persecuted, be ruled, and robbed of income at the beckoning call of these people. And yet they are some of the most prejudiced and fascist people in society. what irony.

  10. Bangin7Grams says:

    Stand your ground. You’re not obligated to physically fight someone. It doesn’t matter how physically imposing they are compared to you, you don’t have to fist fight because you can be incapacitated or disarmed otherwise and your weapon could be used against you, which means that is a reason to have fear of serious bodily harm or death, and justifies shooting an active threat.

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