RIDICULOUS gender reveal *wives tale edition* PART 2 | the east family

RIDICULOUS gender reveal *wives tale edition* PART 2 | the east family

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Welp, we did it again haha we decided to see if doing the wives tales tests could give us an idea of what we were going to have this time. What do you think?! Does it feel like the tests are accurate?! What’s your final guess… boy or girl?!

Gender reveal coming soon 👀

Love, The East Fam

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0:00 timestamps
0:10 introduction
2:38 cabbage test

3:30 urine color test
4:06 baking soda test
4:30 chinese gender prediction chart
5:50 garlic test
6:29 sleeping test
7:38 nash test
8:01 ramzi method
8:43 heart rate test
9:00 feet swell test
9:31 breast size test

9:49 headache test
10:13 dad weight gain test
10:52 skin test
11:20 pregnancy glow test
11:48 acne test
12:21 salty v. sweet
12:47 hair test
13:00 myan system test
13:20 pupil test
13:41 wedding ring test
14:44 myan chart part 2
17:34 verdict
18:21 tiebreaker
18:56 winner
19:47 questions/ conclusion
20:22 next video
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