Ridin’ Horses w/ NBA YOUNGBOY on Grave Digger Mountain

Ridin’ Horses w/ NBA YOUNGBOY on Grave Digger Mountain

We hit the mountains of Utah to hang out w/ NBA YOUNGBOY. We got to hang w/ him, his Horse, his animals, & his family. Truly an honor & a treat to spend time w/ 1 of the most prolific artist of our time! A full sit-down interview is coming soon!

Shot by: Xiris & MSTFA
Edited By: Xiris (@Only1Xiris )
Music by TK RUN IT UP & XIRIS (@only1xiris)

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26 Responses

  1. @josechico23 says:

    You got him to open up and be himself more than anybody else who interview him

  2. @user-mq1tg1po1u says:

    Damn!!! I have never seen Nba Youngboy this calm and happy!!!! You made him feel human! You brought this brother out in ways no other interviewer did!!! Damn!!!! You should do this more often!!!!! Welcome to Grave Digger Mountain!!!!

  3. @Beautypeacelove94 says:

    He looks Great here , He’s smiling he’s in a great mood , he’s more expressive and aware not looking super high and out of it .Him being in his own safe space and good headspace is everything ❤

  4. @RichaceNC says:

    This was the best interview didn’t feel forced felt genuine and you could tell yall had some type of positivity energy for each other


    Ive never seen YB this open and happy to be interviewed. This was a great interview. Appreciate ya. Much love and respect

  6. @seamonkey8435 says:

    I respect NBA Youngboy. This was fire AF! Kev doing his thing lately. I love the new format. Going places and doing shit while interviewing.

  7. @Toinezmommy says:

    Love this version of him, crazy how every interviewer gets a different side of him based on their energy.💯💯

  8. @davidtran5554 says:

    You can tell he looked sober & was comfortable around Kev, and he was speaking clearly 😭

  9. @user-jv7mf2ce8n says:

    This is the best NBA Youngboy interview he’s done lately. Way better than the million dollars worth of game…you can tell he really likes and trust kev, which makes for a great interview 👏🏽

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