Riding Bikes … According To Michael

Riding Bikes … According To Michael

A slightly more accurate version of the story …

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22 Responses

  1. Veshremy says:

    nah you gotta do a reunion with micheal

  2. Xavier says:

    I love how Michael is completely oblivious that his childhood neighbor that he probably forgot about is making videos making fun of him as a child

  3. riyuma1990ri says:

    I hope Michael is out there watching these, they are cementing his life in history. 😁

  4. JohnBaer95 says:

    Michael deserves a story that makes him sound awesome for once.

  5. MotoAmerica says:

    Thanks Michael, can we put the drag race between The Scorpians and The Panda Bears on TV next time? Let us know when and where. 🏁🏍🤣

  6. WigWoo1 says:

    This is a fantastic idea for a side series

  7. SmoociFilms says:

    As famous as BrewStew is, i’m surprised the real Michael hasn’t found out about all of this yet. they need to make contact again somehow

  8. Isaiah Mullins says:

    We need more stories told by Michael. Also, the origin story of Scottie Pippen Jersey.

  9. Ryan Jackson says:

    Love the According to Michael side of the stories. We definitely need more.

  10. Kardoar says:

    After watching this channel for many years this is probably the closest to the truth we will get.

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