RIGGED!!! | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

RIGGED!!! | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart spoke to folks who are convinced that this election is most definitely rigged, sort of.

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19 Responses

  1. Eskay1206 says:

    Fuck! your all doomed, these people live with you

  2. Naz A says:

    Honestly I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton, but after seeing
    countless videos this past month of how fucking stupid trump supporters
    are, I am enthusiastically voting for Clinton.

  3. Pete Jones says:

    I think a basket is way to small to fit all of these degenerates

  4. TheZchristina97 says:

    The british girl is so adorable, people didn’t even realize that she was
    catching them in their bigotry.

  5. Dj Tzonev says:

    Brain.exe has been corrupted.

  6. 1Amiel1 says:

    Glad I live in Canada.

  7. Rexcetera says:

    The problem is that Samantha Bee is 100 times smarter than any of these
    Trumpettes. But they don’t know that, they don’t care, and instead they
    revel in their stupidity. Sigh.

  8. Stingjay 4000 says:

    They may be on to something,…….maybe trumps erection is rigged.

  9. Chris Garcia says:

    i mean clinton did rig the democratic nomination and took it from bernie,
    but lets ignore that.

  10. tiny99990 says:

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t real… instead it’s terrifying…

  11. Chicken Permission says:

    I hope people know that not all trump supporters are like this. And that
    this is staged. And to be fair, Hillary Clinton rigged the democratic
    debate with Bernie sanders, which in my conclusion made it logical for
    trump and trump supporters to think it would get rigged. But oh no, Hillary
    supporters will just insult anyone who supports trump like they always do.
    That’s all they can do is insult and not come up with any point or logic.

  12. Sycotic Deninard says:

    Trumptards… they make me laugh.

  13. MzDrea ! says:

    You gotta give them points for conviction. When most ppl get caught being
    hypocrites they look contrite. Not these people tho…..

  14. Syed Naqvi says:

    Just amazing how stupit these people are

  15. Ladi Smith says:

    Why can’t trump supporters see what they are

  16. origin unknown says:

    Hey America! Make sure you vote! This is no joke. Your future depends on
    this election! Two not so great options and one of them is just insane.
    Please stop and think a lot about your choice and break party alliances if
    you have to, this is bigger than D vs R . Sheeple wake up! This arrogant
    ball of lies has got people believing everything he says, and it’s scary
    that these people can’t understand that he speaks verbal diarrhea. Shame on
    the education system and shame on the media.

  17. Albert Vilorio says:

    the lady with an accent is so beautiful overall the whole staff of full
    frontal is full of beautiful, talented, and hard working women I wish them
    the best.

  18. TicToc RobotSnot says:

    Can’t believe she said the R-Word!

  19. Mark Russell says: