Rihanna Bows To Lebron James And Then Hits The Dab

Rihanna Bows To Lebron James And Then Hits The Dab

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20 Responses

  1. John S says:

    Y is she so obsessed with him?

  2. Roro Yo says:

    dumb hoe ass bitch get gtfo of cali you got you cali card swiped goe bitch

  3. Will Mccoy says:

    KD ATE HIM ALIVE FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER. Lebum needs to work on his postgame and man to man defense , SERIOUSLY.

  4. LeBeautiful says:

    One of the hip hop Queens showing pride to the GOAT

  5. BeefPapa says:

    dafuq did i just watch?

  6. FLAWDAWADA8 says:

    Dont talk too soon larriors

  7. T Raw says:

    get off my boy fucking slut

  8. Josh S says:

    Dumbass bitch does anything for attention

  9. Hendrix Curry says:

    Rihanna big ass forehead having ass sexy as fuck

  10. Donald Hump says:

    this bitch must have an album coming out soon

  11. lawreneph says:

    That looked hella creepy that bow. She looked like a witch doing that crap lol. They been saying she has been acting kinda overly friendly with LeBron since way back in day. They might rendezvous in the late nights 😁

  12. Zantar95 says:

    Shes bowing to her illuminati partner.

  13. Sosaa Dk says:

    i dont see shit

  14. Rudy Figueroa says:

    The dab has got to be the dumbest shit ever invented in this world….bunch of stupid fuckers doing that shit smh

  15. Randy Gutierrez says:

    Biggest bandwagon celebrity fan if i ever saw one

  16. bron lebron says:

    attention seeking slut

  17. llRoyalty says:

    0:15 bottom right corner dressed in black.Black like her heart.

  18. DEEZYTOLDYA says:

    Where is Chris Brown when you need him?

  19. Gregory Gates says:

    Holy shit. This is retarded. I swear, people see what they want.

  20. Jonathan Ortwein says:

    It’s starts at 15 seconds and it’s in the bottom right. Shitty video.

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