Rihanna – Lift Me Up (Visualizer)

Rihanna – Lift Me Up (Visualizer)

Rihanna – “Lift Me Up”

► Stream / Download: “Lift Me Up”: https://rihanna.lnk.to/liftmeup

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badgalriri/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rihanna
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rihanna
Website: https://rihanna.com/

Directed by: Azia Javier & Grace Lee
Produced by: The Walt Disney Studios & Grace Lee
Edited by: Grace Lee
Graphics: The Hive & Roc Nation
Production Company: The Walt Disney Studios & Roc Nation

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26 Responses

  1. Wild Youth Subs says:

    THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!!!!

  2. News Music says:

    Listening to Rihanna again after 6 years made me cry with joy, her sweet voice and melody I missed her, I hope this is the first of many more singles

  3. Jeffeson Rodrigo says:

    Uma amiga era muito fã dela, rezava para que ela voltasse a cantar, mas infelizmente ela não se encontra mais aqui. Morreu de covid, mas tô aqui ouvindo por ela.

  4. Lores Dornas says:

    Rihanna nunca decepciona que mulher perfeita

  5. Avia Williams says:

    Only Rihanna could do justice to this song, and it’s so fitting for the occasion too. That’s how you come back from a break, like a badass, but touching peoples soul as well. Go Riri 💗💗💗

  6. Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] says:

    Even after all these years of not performing live her vocals are sounding stronger than ever and brilliant song too. The richness in her lower tones and that falsetto, she really could give us the best record of her career coming up, those vocals alone are a woman of LIFE EXPERIENCE.

    • Demar Nuñez says:

      @Josie Kennedy j

    • SniffHub says:

      @SpillTheTea why u replying to everyone w the same comment, if u don’t like it then just exit the video 💀

    • corpedatlanta says:

      @Josie Kennedy Well yo parents are wrong. Head voice and falsetto are two different things and this hoax was already scientifically proved false. How the hell u continuing to ignorantly say this when the internet exists

    • Josie Kennedy says:

      @corpedatlanta that’s not true – i’m the daughter of a classically trained musician who has a bachelor’s degree in music and is also a voice teacher. i’ve had this information ingrained in my head for years. technically speaking, women do not have falsetto. just men. the “women’s version” of a falsetto is a head voice. they’re the same thing, but in classical music – which is the building block for all music, the term falsetto is only used for men. her head voice is beautiful, but it’s not a falsetto.

    • Cody Walsh says:

      @SpillTheTea people like you are just annoying and toxic. Go be a Wannabe vocal coach elsewhere. Y’all always do it

  7. Anderson Cruz says:

    Rihanna me fazendo sobreviver de migalhas, simplesmente incrível

  8. Brenda Esteffany says:

    Obrigada minha queen, você se entrega, sente a música, a letra, você é perfeita! Obrigada por este hino! 😭❤️‍🔥

  9. Amogus says:

    True fact: Everyone agrees that Rihanna is melting everyone’s heart with her songs

    • Bienvenu Thays says:

      Une chanson qui nous inspire à ne pas oublier que tout les petits moments comptent et que la vie est fragile

  10. Terry Dodd says:

    One of my favorite songs by her to date and this is what the world needs to hear right now. I lost my uncle in June and great grandfather 2 months ago. This is so inspiring, uplifting and calming. Thanks for creating this Rihanna!!!! ❤❤😢😢😊

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