Rihanna – Sledgehammer (From The Motion Picture “Star Trek Beyond”)

Rihanna – Sledgehammer (From The Motion Picture “Star Trek Beyond”)

“Sledgehammer (From Star Trek Beyond)” from available now:
Download on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/tdSledgehammer
Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iSledgehammer
Download on Google Play: http://smarturl.it/gSledgehammer
Download on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/aSledgehammer
Stream on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/tSledgehammer

Production company: MAAVVEN


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20 Responses

  1. TBNR _void says:


  2. Patrick O'Ryan says:

    The fact that Rihanna is a Star Trek fan makes her 2x hotter. Yes I am a
    colossal nerd and yes I am writing this in my moms basement.

  3. Ifez Chouarbi says:

    Great song

  4. Michael T says:

    Omg terrible

  5. KenSN23 says:

    There’s always something up with her eyebrows

  6. RX P. González says:


  7. Nayely Mero says:

    Bella como siempre Rihanna?
    Eres increíble???

  8. MuMu Cookie says:

    her hand movements looked like scarlet witches hand movements

  9. Matias Coloma says:

    E.T by KatyPerry?

  10. @oddbutnot says:

    I always love watching music videos with Rihanna in them.

  11. Manipulator of Universes says:

    Up until 0:17, I was getting some real Doctor Who feels

  12. Gio Noite says:

    Sia + Rihanna = Magic

  13. Cierra Carter says:

    I love seeing black women become so successful. I’m just so happy that
    little black girls have women they can look up to someone that looks like
    them! Love Rih

  14. Luna Lovah11 says:

    Okay so we can clearly tell that Rihanna’s Sledgehammer is MUCH better than
    Fifth Harmony’s❤️

  15. cee jay says:

    Follow me on Instagram @fam0us.ce ???

  16. Mouhammed “Tomorrowland” Elmouhib says:

    Rehanna Best Trac Looooooool

  17. maximo melo says:

    Ok Rihanna take revenge of fifth harmony with taking the name of the song

  18. Arturo Mansilla Castillo says:

    riri ♥

  19. Andrés Ricardo says:

    Sia??? Are you? i love this!!!

  20. Caique Antonnio says: