Rihanna snorting cocaine (April 2015)

Rihanna snorting cocaine (April 2015)


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20 Responses

  1. Tise kingtise says:

    She took the Madonna kiss hard..

  2. Jose Doe says:

    Chiche get the yayo !

  3. Renata Sabatella says:

    I can’t see anything in this video, I am sure she snores cocaine but I just
    can’t see it in this video, it’s just not clear, and who are those nasty
    hoes dancing around?

  4. machinedrum17 says:

    Its so embarrassing and pathetic how gullible you people are lmao..

  5. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    No Coke,,, Pepsi
    Cheese burger , Cheese Burger

  6. TheAgentOfDeath says:

    I heard some where that that second most eaten item for black people after
    chicken is cocaine. I guess its true.

  7. Lil Drill says:


  8. Dmitriy Ryshkov says:

    It’s sick that society idolizes these people

  9. SAYWHAT? says:

    so she likes to party sometimes, who the fuck cares. Any kid who looks up
    to Rihanna is fucking dumb anyway she’s a musician not a fucking guidance
    counselor let her have her fun as long as shese not hurting anyone or

  10. CMLAFLAMME says:

    She was rolling up a piece of white paper, so anyone saying it’s a blunt..
    doesn’t know what a blunt is rolled with. Also, who takes a hit off a joint
    and plugs their nose? with no smoke in the air? Some of you have obviously
    never seen someone snort a line. She hit that in like 1 second.. then
    plugged her nose, so she didn’t have any cola running down. You honestly
    think she had time to pull a liter out of nowhere, light a joint, take a
    hit, put the lighter away, and not blow out any smoke in.. 1 second? So she
    does blow now and then.. not unusual for musicians at all. At least she
    wasn’t smoking it. Whats dumb about the whole thing is she was okay with
    someone recording that shit. How dumb can you be?

  11. Funniest Man Alive says:

    She’s in love with the coco. What a huuuUUUuuuge surpriiise

  12. Ruben Rivera says:

    “She’s inlove with the Coco”

  13. John Rod says:

    Who cares! 

  14. bicknell67 says:

    Man I hope this is not true.

  15. Real Name No Gimmics says:

    Riahana of all people never saw that but hey i guess she famous and rich
    and has access…

  16. Cindy Johnson says:


  17. DanteBrian says:

    Can’t see 100% what she has in her hand in the first place, the camera pans
    to the left so you don’t actually SEE her do anything. “She rubbed her
    nose afterward, you ****wad! She snorted coke!” Yeah, I hear ya. That’s
    a reasonable assumption; but you don’t actually see her do it. Wouldn’t
    hold up in court. Also, you would have to prove it’s actually Rhianna in
    the first place.

  18. necrom21221 says:

    Coke ho

  19. CiNeMaN512 says:

    Lol so?…

  20. blacksultan85 says: