Rihanna – Work – Live at The BRIT Awards 2016 ft. Drake

Rihanna – Work – Live at The BRIT Awards 2016 ft. Drake

Rihanna performs Work featuring Drake live at The BRIT Awards 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Sileuzinha.gta@hotmail.com Reis says:

    Rihanna Navy #Braaasil aqui, I Love Ri❤

  2. Wheaten Karma Gaming says:

    What the actual fuck is music turning into

  3. JossiXD says:

    Fuck sake Rihanna!we want to listen to the good music you used to make!we
    don’t wanna see ur fake ass

  4. BrandonDa LastManStandin' says:

    Drake the type of nigga to lie to his crew and say he fucked Rihanna

  5. dilpreets singh says:


  6. Destina says:

    drake didn’t sound good :/

  7. CameroTV says:

    Alright now! Nice vibe. I like how this looks on stage. At first I was
    worried about this entire song. Now it’s just dope.

  8. Joshua Teves says:

    This Was Just Drake Grinding on Rihanna, So (at the end) Its a Shit Version
    Of Sex That Doesn’t Ruin your History.

  9. Lindsay Coleman says:

    Beautiful !

  10. Jerard Yu says:

    We call this music?

  11. Deron Callwood says:

    rhianna and drake is a good couple

  12. Top10 ̈ ̈ says:

    Her forehead is bigger than my future

  13. SupremeBlaze says:


  14. Davi Gama says:


  15. Claudio “Spectral24” Tavares says:

    this is probably my 10th comment since youtube came out. I’m just not into
    judging.. if I don’t like it I don’t watch it.But as a music lover I find
    this extremely ridiculous. It’s a shame that a lot of music is just stupid
    to the extreme and worst of all these are the people that in the end of the
    day are living a healthy and wheathy live by singing songs that have no

  16. Matt Coles says:

    this is so Shit live.. so much back vocals to make it bearable.. gotta love
    drake tho ?

  17. kbg12ila says:

    The chorus of Consideration was not Rihanna? Plus Consideration
    >>>>>>>>>>>>> Work.

  18. Tamires Souza says:


  19. jensivar rooy says:

    rihanna is Always cool live – one of the most solid live performers * great
    stuff rihanna

  20. Slim Christroit says:

    Rihanna is a legend! I will always you Rihanna! #bitchbetterhaveourmoney
    Wendy Williams … #Work #Anti