Rihanna shows y’all how to use blush and bronzer with our new CHEEKS OUT Cream Blushes and Cream Bronzers. Get her faves here: https://bit.ly/2XUTfVI

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Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush: https://bit.ly/2KrdH8S
Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer: https://bit.ly/2yz1ImX
Sculpting Bronzer Brush: https://bit.ly/2VVKgB2
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69 Responses

  1. trinhsformerz says:

    “i love a finger”
    rihanna: shook

    bruhhh i died when someone said “you cannot say that” 😂😂😂

  2. Ms M says:

    Rihanna: Here’s my new bronzer.

    • hazel dub says:

      I don’t find it funny anymore. She made a post about how tough last year was for her and the people she cares about and we should give her space to recuperate. An album schedule is very demanding (even without the politics) and if she’s not in the best headspace to do so, we can surely stop nudging about it. Give it a rest

    • French Vanilla says:

      @hazel dub THANK YOU!! Well said !

    • Ms M says:

      hazel dub Bro it was a joke calm down. It was a generalization of her fanbase. I’m definitely a fan myself and I get celebs need their space. And you don’t have to find it funny, other people do.

  3. Jovana says:

    I wanna be upset with her, but she’s so cute smh
    It’s a daily struggle 🙄

  4. Kyron Prince Vlogs says:

    “Or booty call ready” 💀⚰️

  5. baby ariii says:

    Rihanna: Cause I got a big forehead

  6. KaylaMichelle says:

    I was lowkey staring at jenn in that mirror the whole time lmao

  7. Dairith Borquez says:

    People need to stop harassing Rihanna about the next album, y’all starting to sound like Gretchen trying to make fetch happen, its not going to happen. Be glad she’s creating products that help you serve face and trying to save the world with her CL foundation. Dropping an album will take time away from her other projects. Y’all need to be glad she took time to do this quick tutorial out of her bathroom. If y’all paid attention not all her tutorials are in the same place cause she busy woman.

  8. Sol Colman says:

    Rihanna: Here is a makeup video with my new bronzer
    Us: okay I’m gonna take it but I’m highly offended by it

  9. Somaze says:

    “I love a finger”

  10. Absolutely Ari says:

    Who else wants to see Arnell Armon recreate this look? 🙋🏾‍♀️

  11. Big Titty Man says:

    Rihanna can literally do anything. Sing, write music, dance and perform, act, model AND she’s a beauty guru and a business woman. She’s everything i wish to achieve😍

  12. Quincyq says:

    I never clicked so fast. Rihanna literally can breathe and i’ll watch it.

  13. Anoel Silliw says:

    When she said she had a big forehead so she needed more bronzer…I felt that

  14. Sheen Boo says:

    Are we selling personality or makeup ? 🥰 She’s such a character oh and the makeup looks great too 🥰

  15. Laura GA says:

    rihanna: is literally a goddess
    also rihanna: has a forehead complex

    girl stop🥺

    • Maryam Ali says:

      She’s so self deprecating

    • Seven says:

      Maryam Ali not really tf

    • Laura GA says:

      @ab adu you know nothing about my face so don’t assume things thank you

    • Laura GA says:

      @Mark CC she keeps bringing it up and she always talks about how contouring her forehead is so important for her because she has a big forehead. it’s just another physical trait, but she’s fixated on it. we all have insecurities, it’s normal. but she’s so so beautiful you wouldn’t think someone like her worries about her forehead. it’s not even that big to start with

    • PoOjAwHaTiStHiSbEhAvIoR?? says:

      Laura GA wait what happened??

  16. Zyaa_za says:

    “Don’t I look Beach ready? Or Booty call ready?” I am Hollering, love her commentary on these videos 😂

  17. Arieona Green says:

    I couldn’t stop staring at her accessories 😍 let alone the look

  18. MISS MOJO says:

    I too would like to join Rihanna’s bathroom cult

  19. Aisha Yassy says:

    People in the comments: “rIhaNnA DOesn’T aGe”
    The girl is only 32. Y’all act like people in their 30s are supposed to look like old raisins.

  20. Janne Ward says:

    “Everyone loves it…. everyone bought it” MOOD AF

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