Rikk Wilde Has A Tough Time With His Lines While Presenting The MLB MVP Trophy

Rikk Wilde Of Chevrolet Has A Tough Time With His Lines While Presenting The MLB MVP Trophy To Madison Bumgarner

(Video Credit: MLB/FOX Sports)

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20 Responses

  1. Fausto Paula says:

    Salsa dominicana

  2. david mf says:


  3. Pete Hudo says:

    It’s funny because he’s fat!

  4. AntiMatterXD says:

    Why is this video not available in the U.S. o.o prob a stupid question

  5. Bính Nguyễn says:


  6. bear0134 says:

    Look how fat that cunt is…..

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  8. LarsJ1977 says:

    You can tell that shit was not easy for him.. good job getting it done

  9. Nurlan Qehramanov says:


  10. TVPRO says:

    The right thing

  11. joseph belton says:

    all this stupid spam; I’ve always used *instaphamous* cuz their support is

  12. tarekkkkk says:

    the guy is having fatty issues i feel sorry for him :/

  13. CAVID PENAHOV says:


  14. Connor Smith says:

    Not available in my country? I live in America… Va…

  15. Nathaniel Tewolde says:

    ” This video is not available in your country” WTF im in usa, what could
    possibly be in that video 

  16. mcdelive says:

    No wonder why Americans are famous for being stupid…….!

  17. Derek Ramirez says:

    Is video says no longer available in my country! Thanks Obama !

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    Bienvenue à tous à l’éventuelle participation de l’remerciement de Fallope

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