Edited by: DanTDM

Minecraft Mods Used:
Bottled Fireflies by BlockerLocker
Illuminations Mod
Ambient Fireflies Mod

In this DanTDM gaming minecraft video, DanTDM explains why a tiny, defenseless firefly was CANCELLED and shows you it in the game. JUSTICE FOR FIREFLIES

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36 Responses

  1. FantaGuy says:

    This mob would’ve of added so much realism to the game. Shame its cancelled indefinitely.

  2. the bloop says:

    fireflies are so simple but they give off such a nice ambience to your world, I hope maybe they can be added

  3. etsap123 says:

    I’m confused about why they canceled them. Many frogs do eat fireflies, yes fireflies have toxic compounds in them but amphibians have evolved in a way that specializes in hunting numerous types of insects. There are even cool pictures online of frogs glowing after eating a firefly. It’s a shame, these little bugs made the swamp far more lively and realistic.
    -They also just look very pretty.

  4. Kayumi _ says:

    It would’ve been a cool idea if they had kept this because of how it makes the Minecraft world more realistic. However, we can’t do anything about it now since the idea is officially canceled.

  5. Plays says:

    The Mojang team should REALLY research about the mobs they plan to add next in the game so that there won’t be anymore cancelled mobs in the near future and disappointment. It can make them be wiser with their decision on what to add next.

    • MegaMew204 says:

      @Not-so-Smol Bean heck make certain types of frogs able to eat the fireflies and not die but glow. THAT’D be cool

    • Not-so-Smol Bean says:

      Seriously, also I don’t understand why they removed fireflies altogether because they’re poisonous to the frogs. Just code the frogs to not eat the fireflies or add another mob they can eat

  6. Bakzy says:

    They were a good addition to the game I don’t think they should’ve removed it. Thr bottled fireflies (I know they weren’t planned to be in the game) would’ve been a good fire source.

  7. Joey JATAMAG says:

    I think your solution of simply removing the “frog food” subroutine is all that Mojang really needed to do. Unless they didn’t anticipate this and the coding would be an overly time consuming task to remove, but then again, a simple community mod resolves this “issue”. I take it we’re still good feeding dogs expired human meat?!

  8. Lance Rivera says:

    its sad they decided to remove the fireflies since it couldve added more aesthetic to the swamp biomes. Its also dissapointing that they removed the proposed birch forest revamp, if those two stayed it would have made this update alot more game changing

  9. Jessy Biju says:

    It is actually a shame that they removed fireflies. If they added fireflies, it would’ve completed the wild update perfectly. RIP Fireflies.

  10. ZxDsE says:

    instead of removing fireflies, they could’ve added normal flies for frogs to eat. flies would just be 2 black pixels

    • Holly Frasier says:

      @Cody Andersen and yet there’s a dragon in the game. A dragon. And mobs that explode and can teleport.

    • ZxDsE says:

      @AnnBDF ok

    • StealthPilot says:

      @Cody Andersen and they don’t let you ride dolphins with a saddle cause it’s animal abuse(that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard from Minecraft) but they do let you ride pigs with a saddle

    • Cody Andersen says:

      @Superior Chaos mojang didn’t want to add a few mobs sinc3 it was too realistic, but the small fact that most fireflies are poisonous to frogs is a good enough reason to cancel them? I am do confused by that

    • Superior Chaos says:

      @AnnBDF OOORRR they don’t have to be TOO realistic since it’s a GAAAME

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