RIP Fortress Fallout :(

RIP Fortress Fallout 🙁

Feel free to suggest new names in the comments and we’ll try to figure out what to go with.

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Fortress Fallout is a game I’ve been working on with some developers. It’ll be out at some point in the next few months on iOS and Android as a free to play game. In the game, you build a tower of your own and then battle against an opponent who has also built a tower. The first person to destroy their opponent’s core is the winner.

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Approaching Nirvana – Stop, Reboot

Stephen Walking – Top of the World 2
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20 Responses

  1. Walkers2301 says:

    Fortress: New Vegas

  2. Erik Maučec says:

    Fortress fallin

  3. N1NT3NDUD3 says:

    Fortress Outfall. Just do it.

  4. AcE SnIPeRpRo says:

    Hint hint,
    Fallout is a word. It is a word used in many things.
    Zenimax cannot TM it as with the original title “Fortress Fallout”
    There is no confusion.

    Write back to them, say this

    “We are keeping the title Fortress Fallout as it has no confusion or
    affiliation with your game, Fallout. Fortress fallout is also a IOS/ANDROID
    game, fallout is a Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game.

    They have no confusion whatsoever with the titles. Zenimax hasn’t even made
    a Fallout title in around 3 years. So they really have no right to TM the
    word Fallout and never use it again.

    I say you keep the title, tell Zenimax that there is. It confusion. If it
    does get any worse, defiantly fight back. I bet if it ever gets to the
    court stage, the judge will simply say “Fuck off. No confusion, case

    Thanks! AcE 

  5. Jordan Lathrop says:

    How about: “Fortress Destroy” or “Fortress Destroyer”

  6. Ben Lucas says:

    How do I follow a certain person such as yourself on twitch

  7. Ben Lucas says:

    Tower fall down?

  8. Brett Armstrong says:

    Fortress F*** O**

  9. rnguard says:


  10. Nicholas Donavan says:

    Castle Chaos or Tower Takedown

  11. Sam Ralph says:

    How can you own a word, you can’t!!!!!!

  12. Baniamin Aungkon says:

    Everyone go hate everything Bethesda owns!!!!!!! They messed with the wrong
    youtuber! arrrh

  13. Jacob Monroe says:

    Fortress attack

    Fortress destroyers 

  14. thedukelives24 says:

    They shouldn’t be able to do this.

  15. CYBOPOD says:

    A few suggestions – Fortress Jeopardy – Fortress Consequences – Fortress
    Danger – Fortress Freak Out, Fortress Glass, Fortress Cracks, Fortress
    Jinks, Fortress Fail-Out – If you like any of these, I’ll sell you the
    rights for I trillion dollars – lol

  16. Willy Santos says:

    maybe Fall-Out Fortress

  17. Bob Ragerin says:

    Fortress Champion

  18. Lucavex Ayanami says:

    Bethesda Presents: Fallout 5 Fortress Mobile Edition: Definitely A Fallout
    Title and not an Indie Game 2015 GOTY 

  19. lukemurp890 says:

    Fortress Falloot. Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that it
    sounds rather Canadian.

  20. bolas Evilshade says:

    Fortress: Hail of havoc