RIP Tony Schnur “Thick 44” The Human Man Warrior

RIP Tony Schnur “Thick 44” The Human Man Warrior

We will always love and miss ya buddy. Any donations to Tony’s GoFund me will go directly to his 2 surviving daughters. We appreciate any and all support. All hail the wyvern king.

Other wonderful groups to donate to:
Glioblastoma Foundation:

Lower Cape Fear LifeCare:

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31 Responses

  1. Zeetack says:

    It’s crazy when a person you never met but listened to for 8 years has such an impact on you

  2. LtKilljoy says:

    I’m a grown man, crying in my fire department tryin to explain to all my guys how someone I’ve never met can have such an affect. You guys have helped me through so much in the last 7 yrs. I love you guys and I’ll keep you all in my heart. R.I.P Tony Schnur you will be missed 😢

    • Cassandra LeRoy says:

      That was the hardest thing for me too. How do you explain this feeling to people who don’t belong to an online community like this. I went to work and tried to just set it aside so I didn’t have to try and explain. Ended up leaving early with a splitting headache that wouldn’t go away.

  3. 101taco101 says:

    First time I’ve cried over the passing of someone I’ve never met. Thanks for the years of joy you’ve brought to so many people.

  4. bob52287 says:

    Thank you guys for your tribute to him. Please don’t hesitate to mention him in future videos — I don’t think any of us want to pretend he never existed just because he’s gone.

  5. Daley Fun says:

    Can’t do it. Made it 30 seconds in and about to cry. 30 years old construction worker and I’m about to cry over a guy I never met. Thick, you will be missed sir. Thanks for all the good times.

  6. Books179 says:

    No better way to honor a good man than his friends sitting in a room laughing and telling great stories.

  7. DJSubDOg says:

    I swear if DICE don’t commemorate Thick in their next BF game with something….. anything……. they would lose all my respect. He made me love BF3/4 even more. Rest in power Thick. You’ll definitely be missed……

  8. Rarick777 says:

    Can still hear his laugh when the whole group laughs as one. Rest easy Wyvern King, you live on in all the lives you’ve touched.

  9. Rob D says:

    Why am I crying? How can you miss someone you don’t know and doesn’t know you even exist. But it still hurts. Rest in peace Tony

  10. Olle Dakke says:

    Man i always thought thick would make a comeback, its really hard to accept that he truly is gone. I grew up with you guys and although i dont watch you guys as much as i used to having one of you die hits hard

    • Sean S says:

      I was waiting with anticipation for him to ride on up in 7DTD to cheering from the guys. To build more horde bases, and just be the loot gremlin we all know and love!

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