Rise of Legends Review | 🇮🇹™ Edition™

Rise of Legends Review | 🇮🇹™ Edition™

Best $5 ever spent.

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42 Responses

  1. Gianpiero Gianpoli says:

    As a proud italian i approve this content all is 100% accurate and i can assure no one wants to be labeled as a siciliano

  2. Hextape says:

    The fact that a pasta company actually contacted you for a sponsorship is killing me, that shit is hilarious.

  3. Captain Robbie says:

    Me and my friends used to play this game all the time! It was just insanely fun multiplayer, legitimately replaced Starcraft as my favorite RTS. This and SIns of a Solar Empire were really something special.

  4. Brainy Skeleton of doom says:

    They’ve played us for absolute fools!
    This isn’t a fantasy setting, it’s just a faithful retelling of the Years of Lead!!

  5. Akapulko says:

    as a Serb, i am honored to have our flag featured in your video… this game looks unironically fun asf though

  6. Arthur Scortegagna says:

    As an Italian Brazilian i’m proud that both my nationalities would provide (by selling a pirated version) you with such a great and accurate experience.

  7. Milkman's Milkman says:

    Sseth, thank you for your anti-piracy message. My uncle is a proud Microsoft employee and anytime a game gets pirated they take him into a dark, rusty room and push his prostate for hours on end as punishment. It warms my heart knowing people like you have the worker’s interests and well being in mind.

  8. Grigory Rechistov says:

    Fun fact: even if you knew Russian, the text in the installer wizard window would still have been nonsense to you. That is because the code page chosen for non-Unicode text was wrong (likely Western European instead of Cyrillic), so it showed wrong letters (mostly diacritics). This is a frequent problem for non-Unicode applications of the past.

  9. Ya Boi MattyK says:

    I desperately hoped that this game would get the attention it deserved. I also hope Microsoft takes note that the community is still alive, and decides to rerelease the game on Steam.

    This was easily one of my most-favorite childhood classics. I squealed in joy when I saw my notifications. Thank you, Sseth.

  10. wojter322 says:

    My god… 2006 release. This game looks stunning for that time. Kinda reminding me of ParaWorld, dinosaur-themed RTS, the game I hold dear in my heart despite it having its own flaws. Would love to see it covered in Sseth-style video.
    EDIT: Now that I look at this, maybe this is what Iron Harvest devs were trying to achieve.

    • EvilDoresh says:

      I also miss ParaWorld.

      And the early 2000s were bonkers. Remember that Devil May Cry 4 came out in 2008. Now the game had its issues, but the graphics _still_ look gorgeous to this day.
      Really all that seems to have changed in the last 10+ years is more shaders and lighting shenanigans or something. Also 4k textures cause everything to take up an order of magnitude more space.

    • Godo says:

      blessed years where Gothic 3 looked like a pinnacle of super-realistic open world rpg

    • SCubee says:

      Ah, ParaWorld. It was the first game I have bought from a legit gaming store.
      And the last.

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