Rise of the Tomb Raider – “Aim Greater”

Rise of the Tomb Raider – “Aim Greater”

Join Lara Croft on a cinematic survival action adventure. The journey begins holiday 2015. Watch the world premiere of gameplay during the Xbox E3 Briefing June 15, 2015 at Xbox.com.

Learn more at xbox.com

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20 Responses

  1. Nivaldo Pulga says:

    I want to see this game playable

  2. Mars Gamer says:

    Giff gameplay

  3. brice davis says:

    Xbox is aiming greater than greatness.

  4. RapidFire813 says:

    Previous game was great, this could be interesting.

  5. Wise Monkey says:


  6. Xbox says:

    That’s a lot of love! We can’t wait!

  7. weedwak says:

    Looks in-engine…

  8. ChanZorg says:

    I know shorts are her symbol but… why in this very cold environment? O.o

  9. Tony Bone (GIGGITY GOO) says:

    This and halo is the only games I want for my Xbox one this year I hope
    they don’t get delayed..

  10. DoomTurtle9000 says:

    Victoria’s Secret Model: Adventure Raider The Game.

  11. TheHunterDemon says:

    More puzzles and mysteries like the original games please?

  12. Toaster Coaster says:

    I would be excited for this…but it’s an Xbox exclusive, why? why do you
    do this to gamers? what about the rest that want to play Halo, and this? I
    love tomb raider but I guess I won’t be playing this because “exclusives”
    are ruining games, and no, I’m not gonna go out and buy an Xbox because I
    never play consoles, I don’t like consoles and everything about them makes
    me uncomfortable.

  13. According2Angel says:

    anybody else notice she’s doing this in shorts? =__=

  14. ZyroXZ2 says:

    I have high hopes for this entry, and with Microsoft’s deep coffers
    supporting it, I would love for this to become Microsoft’s answer to
    Uncharted 4.

    And this coming from a fan of Uncharted!

  15. Brandon Wildman says:

    Meh sad thats it’s on xb only o well lots of awesome games coming on is
    this year so not worried.

  16. Edward “Synergeticink” Smith says:

    The last game was so so good, can’t wait!!!

  17. TheGlitchtDazzle | GTA V Content , Glitches says:

    Sweet game! Still a title which is on my must-play list. Although it’s a
    timed exclusive i hope Microsoft will release it on Windows soon after it’s
    release for Xbox.

  18. Sushubh Mittal says:

    I guess next would be Dawn of the Tomb Raider? 

  19. SeedKnightSiefer says:

    Please Xbox. Bann these arrogant fanboys from here. btw i’m get this beuty.
    Xbox One is the best place to play~

  20. Teh Arbitur says:

    Camilla Luddington is such a good fit for Lara :3