Riss & Quan’s Official Gender Reveal!

Riss & Quan’s Official Gender Reveal!

Thank you to everyone who helped our gender reveal come together!

Videographer: @justnamedjake
Event planner: @pep_ent
Catering: @nadinescuisinenyc
Bartender: @mixedbymarsss
Photographer: kevosalinas
Makeup: @Nazanin Kavari

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32 Responses

  1. Riss & Quan says:

    we couldn’t be happier 🥺💙

  2. JuJu & Des says:

    Y’all Are Going To Be Amazing Parents! 💙

  3. Milo & Hazel says:

    One Of the best experience we’ve had in a while, loved being apart of it! So happy for you guys ❤️

  4. Jubilee Maringe says:

    Yea team boy.He’s gonna look exactly like his dad😙😙

  5. Sweet Magic says:

    Yall dont lie..how many of u draged towards to the gender revel before watching the intro..coz i swear i fid the same,after knowing the answer i got relief nd started watching from 1st😊anyways happy for u guys love u lots😘team boy always yo💙

  6. Linda Moses says:

    May Almighty Father God Protect you guys and please do not forget Him ever

  7. Sabrina Bri says:

    I was in the same hotel as y’all, but knowing me I hate feeling like a weirdo lol to grown for that. And I knew y’all were doing something for the reveal so I gave y’all space. But ya are super fucking cute !!!!!!!!!!! Your bump is so cute in person and congratulations loves !!!! Stay beautiful and successful

  8. Ima-Abasi Inyang says:

    “We couldn’t be happier to be welcoming a baby boy into this world” this comment ruined the surprise 😭😭😭😭

    But Team boy won yayyyyyyy💃💃💃💃

  9. Princess Mirrianvictory says:

    Who on earth is disliking a video like this? Some people are just straight up bad energy.

  10. Mark Oviatt says:

    The best thing about having a boy is Quan can buy him every toy that Quan ever wanted. Speaking from experience. 🙂

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