RITA ORA – Body on Me ft. Chris Brown

RITA ORA – Body on Me ft. Chris Brown

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Stream “Body On Me (feat. Chris Brown)” Here: http://smarturl.it/BodyOnMeStream

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon Daley says:

    All the hairs on my body are standing. … wow

  2. Paola Obando says:

    Her make up, her hair style, tha flag !!! I love this video

  3. Danielle Singletary says:

    Well, definitely not what I expected. But, I have no complaints about it.

  4. Rashmia Raveeswaran says:

    What is she doin to the American flag tho

  5. Jean Gailey says:

    Love the song but not too keen on the video for some reason. it just feels
    wrong him doing those moves with Rita lol.

  6. Vinicius salles says:

    Adore o clipe

  7. irie square says:

    Like You – Bow Wow ft. Ciara

  8. 1stSeeItProductions says:

    1st See It Productions !!!

  9. BoBana98 says:

    And ya’ll just mad Chris brown wants to be all over Rita

  10. Michelle Gibson says:

    I wonder if rihanna has saw this video yet, she should

  11. Kash Meadows says:

    this video gives me life

  12. K. Brechelle says:

    the song is okay I guess…. but does anyone else feel like they just came
    out as a couple the chemistry is too strong in this video

  13. Skull - Wise' says:

    Caramba, saiu faísca entre os dois, hein. Daria um belo casal.

  14. MAU5H3AD says:

    I could see them being a real couple

  15. Lavínia Tavares says:

    love it!

  16. Africa Love says:

    boringgggggggg nothing new

  17. anna bong says:

    people hate on rita so much just bc of rob kardashian. right? atleast she
    got famous for talent not by having famous siblings

  18. Quinston Gautreaux says:

    Not hating lol but if she live across the wall from him , how are they
    staring at each other through the window from 2 different buildings ?

  19. Minecraft 1738 says:

    Replace water pump for 2012 645 diesel ford

  20. Shake n Bake says:

    Rihanna fans hate Rita and Chris but come here to check out a video that
    involves both? Does that make any sense? You people are always checking in
    on Chris it seems. I wonder why? Chris can’t make music with any other
    female artist or date any other girls without y’all getting worked up about
    it and having something to say all the time. Why is this? Do you like him
    and just don’t like him with anyone else other than Rihanna? It’s also
    funny you always bring up the beating, but she not only got back together
    with him, but recently was partying together with friends. You people act
    like he broke up with you personally.