Rita Ora – Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

Rita Ora – Let You Love Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Let You Love Me” is available now – http://atlanti.cr/LYLM

My new album ‘Phoenix’ is out now – http://atlanti.cr/Phoenix

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54 Responses

  1. The Music Arena says:

    Anyone who comes across my message.
    Just know, you’re beautiful and I love you so much 😊❤😊😊❤❤😊❤😊❤
    Support me only if you want to 😊❤😊❤❤❤

  2. DiaFut says:

    Like if Rita Ora is best female artist

    • The Bus Stop Roxxxy Andrews' was left at says:

      Rita Ora is amazing. But the best?
      Stan culture is so ignorant. Don’t forget those that came before Rita that GAVE her the opportunity to be an artist.

    • Philippe Côté says:

      DiaFut I completely agree

    • Sofia Sarmaja says:

      +joseph chalwes i dont think so.. Rita Ora never got over 22 pp to killed by her own words… Like the other chick did… Rita Ora is Strong woman, even when Asap Rocky(that sicklittle…..) shades her in his song.

    • joseph chalwes says:

      +Sofia Sarmaja alright Mami I feel you

    • olteanu cristian says:

      +DiaFut V𝞸t𝗲 fᴏr me plе𝖺sе! *W𝒊n ROund the W𝞸rld tr𝗶p* to El Sаlv𝛂dOr, Hᴏndurɑs, Ic𝐞l𝖺nd, Ind𝒊a аnd St. P𝗶𝗲rr𝐞 and Miquеl𝞸n! Leɑrn mOr𝐞: owhkvigrc.viewr.stream

  3. Albin Selmani says:

    I forgot she’s not model 💛💛

  4. The Music Arena says:

    It would be the beat day of my life. If more than hundred people read this ❤😊❤😊❤
    And they checked my songs too 😊❤😊❤😊❤

  5. Philippe Côté says:

    Rita Ora your my new favourite singer all of your songs on your new album are amazing 😉, your an inspiration, you don’t need autotune, great performance by the way keep it up girl, love you 😘 . You don’t need auto tune, I love your vocals, your a very beautiful woman. You look like a model Rita thanks for everything

  6. Sharmin Jahan says:

    Thumbnail is hella cute Ming Xi 😍😍

  7. Ocinhardt Optc says:

    This moment when #RitaOra is the only Real and the beautifulst Model on the show

    • George Butera says:

      +Ocinhardt Optc V0t𝐞 f𝞸r m𝗲 pl𝐞𝖺sе! *W𝒊n R0und the WOrld tr1p* tO Bɑngl𝖺desh, Canɑdɑ, Gr𝐞enland, Si𝗲rra Leᴏn𝐞 ɑnd Sl0ven𝒊а! Lеɑrn mor𝗲: epqngqadx.viewr.stream

  8. M K says:

    I see only one Angel here and her name is Rita Ora ❤

    • bitch • says:

      +M K Vot𝗲 f𝞸r m𝐞 plеas𝐞! *Win ROund th𝐞 Wоrld tr𝗶p* tо Amеrican Samоа, Pakistɑn, S𝖺𝗶nt Luc𝒊a, T0ng𝛂 𝛂nd V𝗲nezu𝗲la! Le𝛂rn m0rе: lhurppwxj.viewr.stream

  9. parvesh patial says:

    Hit like for rita

  10. Sharmin Jahan says:

    Rita looking like a queen ❤

    • 123 WXauslen says:

      +Sharmin Jahan Vᴏte fOr m𝗲 pleɑsе! *Win Rоund th𝐞 World trip* t𝞸 Australiɑ, Belɑrus, J0rdɑn, Tun𝔦s𝒊𝛂 аnd Un𝗶t𝗲d Arаb Emir𝛂t𝗲s! Lеarn mᴏr𝐞: kucirhixq.viewr.stream

  11. ScarlettP says:

    Rita looking like a model herself

  12. ScarlettP says:

    1:16 Adam Levine cheering on his wife!! So sweet

    • CinnamonLlama says:

      +ScarlettP V0tе for m𝐞 pl𝐞ɑsе! *W1n R0und the Wᴏrld tr𝒊p* tо Finlаnd, N𝔦gеr, N1g𝗲r𝗶а, Nᴏrway and T𝖺nzаn𝒊а! Lеаrn m𝞸rе: vektgyzof.viewr.stream

  13. Rico Simanjuntak says:

    Rita ora so so beautiful

  14. Isthatjavonz says:

    “Let you love me” has been stuck in me head

    They all look absolutely stunning in this video!

    Adam reaction to Behati 😂😂

    Rita 😭😍❤️

    • Hardeep Dhaliwal says:

      +Isthatjavonz V𝞸t𝐞 fоr mе pl𝐞as𝐞! *W𝔦n Round thе World tr𝔦p* to Armеni𝛂, Ghɑna, Leban𝞸n, Mаuritɑn1𝛂 and Wall𝗶s аnd Futuna Islands! Le𝖺rn more: tliangike.viewr.stream

  15. Maritina Xánthe says:

    Barbara Palvin has the healthiest body out of all the other models and that’s just facts’

    • Angels Paradise says:

      Maritina Xánthe just because she is not toned ???

    • Maritina Xánthe says:

      Angels Paradise She’s not toned ??? Wtf, she’s toned enough, just because her bones aren’t showing doesn’t mean she ain’t toned.

    • JimBob Jones says:

      Maritina Xánthe Clearly you haven’t seen what Kelly Gale’s (2:46) body is like under that T-shirt. That girl trains like an athlete and has rock hard abs. Check out her ig @kellybellyboom and you can see her workouts and diet, she’s probably the healthiest one there. Also they all are healthy, just because Barbara isn’t as skinny as some of the others doesn’t make her any more healthier than them or make them any less healthier than her.

  16. danijaurellostylinson says:

    Barbara Palvin 😍😍😍

  17. Aray Oficial says:

    My God she looks so beautiful here!. <3

  18. ibo says:

    both *Rita* & *Bebe* performed there ♥️
    *Dua* *Lipa* next with *Era* *Istrefi* & *Ava* *Max* Albanian girls rule the world!

  19. Un Tiempo Para Recordar HD says:

    Rita Ora and Ava Max, the biggest pop icons of our time!

  20. Vane Ives says:

    Queen Barbara, finally she came back! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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