Road washed out at Yellowstone National Park’s north entrance

Road washed out at Yellowstone National Park’s north entrance

Helicopter video courtesy of the National Park Service shows flooding and damage on the North Entrance road between Gardiner, Montana, and Mammoth Hot Springs.

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19 Responses

  1. B Weber says:

    Incredible footage, this gives us a real sense of the damage.

  2. Lionscircle says:

    Earlier this week was camping along the Yellowstone river near the north entrance and drove into the Mammoth Hot Springs everyday. 5 days later the road is completely destroyed. All those jobs in Gardiner (as well as those south of Livingston like the rafting companies…) depend upon that road and I fear most will lose their jobs in the next day due to this drastic change of events.

    • Sam Conagher says:

      Economy is bad enough without folks losing their homes and livelihoods to natural disasters. Sad, but on the positive side, it appears no one was hurt or lost. I am thankful to hear that. Homes and jobs can be replaced but not lives. Hoping for the best for those in Livingston and Gardiner and other areas along the rivers.

    • Winback6 says:

      Unfortunately, this is a distinct possibility

    • Tasha 77 says:

      Oh no😞

  3. AtarahDerek says:

    This is normally the only park entrance that is open year round. It’s gonna take a long time to repair.

  4. Xiangqi for Chess Players says:

    We visited that part of the park about 15 years ago. I was awed at the time of the ferocity of the Yellowstone at Gardiner, and that was in July when the water was not at its peak. This video is unreal. Wow

  5. Red Barchetta says:

    I have lived around, hiked in and around Yellowstone since the 1970s and never seen flooding that bad. Wow.

  6. Joel Larson says:

    That stretch isn’t going to open any time soon. Unbelievable what water can do

    • Sam Conagher says:

      @Tank7153 Huh? What’s God got to do with a severe weather event. It happens around here. God was having lunch at the time.

    • Sam Conagher says:

      @afriend too ROTFLMAO! Don’t believe everything you hear or read.

    • Tank7153 says:

      The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, [so] shall it stand: Isaiah 14:24 KJV

    • Bonnie Beatrice says:

      In science class we learned that water is the universal solvent! Plus massive amounts of force…roads don’t stand a chance! 😬

    • Sam Conagher says:

      @Pro Cowboy Geology in action!

  7. Sam Conagher says:

    Park Service spokesperson reported to the Great Falls news this afternoon that YNP will be closed until at least Wednesday and at least until flood waters subside and the Park Service has completed assessment of damage. Folks in the most affected areas of the park have been ushered out. Sounds like the Park Service did a great job of getting everyone out. Good bunch of rangers up there!

  8. Julie Murphy says:

    Lends new meaning to the concepts of “being cutoff” or “stranded”. The road ahead of you and behind you are gone. Now what? Helicopter would be the only way out as the sides looked too steep to hike up. WOW! What a video.

  9. Bonnie Beatrice says:

    Whoa! Just drove that road at the end of April! I pray for everyone’s safety! Nature is fierce! ❤️🙏

  10. ME A says:

    Wow sad 😔 going to be awhile before they get that cleaned up.

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