Roast of Justin Bieber – Martha Stewart – Changing Lives for the Better

Roast of Justin Bieber – Martha Stewart – Changing Lives for the Better

Martha Stewart gives the dais some much-needed advice on decor and salutes Kevin Hart’s career.

Watch more Roast of Justin Bieber:

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20 Responses

  1. Ben A says:

    The tranny comments were offensive but nigger rich wasn’t? Wow America. 

  2. dave schutz says:

    OMG luda 3 different kids 3 different women…. so funny and so true keep
    it in your pants bitch hahahaha

  3. AMV200 says:

    why do they put rappers there lol they always get butt hurt and shit
    ludacris is an autistic little nigger pussy 4 getting mad at the roast
    martha should of shitted on his face THAT WOULD OF BEEN HILARIOUS

  4. JP says:

    She killed it 

  5. King Pokemon the III From the 21st Century says:

    Dammit should’ve been Paula Deen.

  6. JANET PEREZ says:

    Go Martha you killed it

  7. JANET PEREZ says:

    No, she said African American rich,, she didn’t use the, N….word

  8. Horror Hunter says:

    Martha Stewart is the only real OG in that room.

  9. Markies Hopkins says:

    Stop not funny ✋

  10. luisnavarroone says:

    Holy shit, Martha Stewart was funny!!! Lol

  11. Markies Hopkins says:


  12. Brie Morrow says:

    It’d be better if we could see the uncensored version without it having to
    be downloaded.

  13. SangIn Jung says:

    Ludacris is just like…bruh.

  14. YoSoySterling says:

    Martha Stewart is that bitch. Don’t mess with her, or you’ll get got.

  15. Albert Glover says:

    She gave no fucks

  16. Michael Cornish says:

    I give Martha 500 savage points for that shiii

  17. Erika G says:

    Why were her jokes better than snoop’s jokes

  18. Sam Houston says:

    Ludacris was mad as fuck lol

  19. Mariela Santos Cedillo says:

    Yo momma so hairy the only language she speaks is wooky

  20. Konstantin Gerolsteiner says:

    Marthaaaa, holy shit i like the dark side of this woman.